Last Chance For Auspices

Last Chance For Auspices Of The Water Rabbit

The year of the water rabbit ends February 9th; so this is pretty much your last chance to have your child blessed with inner peace and contentment through the auspices of Water Rabbit. Better make like said rabbits. 😉

And yes, most Asian cultures track one’s zodiac sign from conception, not birth. Hence, you can still have a Rabbit child if you get busy now.

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Give Them Reason For Thanks

With Thanksgiving right around the corner – in America at least – I’d like to point out to my fellow White men that, for the sake of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we really should give those women of color something to be thankful for – specifically some “golden children.” 😉

Give Them Reason For Thanks - Orthocegenate

Orthocegenation Is Right

Orthocegenation is right, just, and the best way to raise up the marginalized people by sharing our supposed privilege. No woman of color should have to bear non-White children.

Give Them Reason For Thanks

Yes, gentlemen, give them reasons for thanks. Give these beautiful women and the children you’ll give them a way out and way up by helping close the Generational Wealth Gap in the best way possible. 😉

It’s the right, White thing. It’s the just thing. And, take this as coming from the voice of experience – it is no burden at all. Privilege is best shared and that sharing brings it own rewards and pleasures.

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Easter In 2023

Easter In 2023, As Always, It’s Egg Hunting Season

I really no longer care whether you call it Easter, Ostara, or Eostre. No matter whether you’re a Christian or one of the varieties of “Pagans” and/or “Heathens” in the West, it’s a Spring Holiday celebrating growth, rebirth, and fertility. So, go hunt some eggs!

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Christmas Is For Family

Christmas Is For Family

Just a hopefully helpful reminder that Christmas is for family. And no, I don’t mean just gathering together with your existential family, be they blood kin or heart’s kin. I mean starting or expanding your family, if you get my meaning. 😉

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Summer Sunflowers


The Beauty Of Summer Sunflowers
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While all flowers have a certain beauty and all of them provide a certain sort of pleasure and mind and soul healing, there’s just something extra special about sunflowers. As you can easily see, there’s a reason why sunflowers have long been associated with fertility.

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