There Are Similarities

I’ve written before about how men and women are quite different from each in: their basic needs; choosing a mate, or what to wear; and even simple greetings. It not right, proper, or fair to solely focus on the differences between genders.

There are similarities, fundamental similarities, between men and women in how they approach the world…

Eyes Up Here!
Hey, Lady! Eyes Up Here

Yep, both men and women will stop, fixated, and ogle what we desire. 😆 We just have different foci. Yet we’re both doing the same thing, staring “hungrily” at what would bring us pleasure.

A Man’s Focus

Cleavage – It’s Chocolate For Men


A Woman’s Focus

Chocolate – It’s Cleavage For Women

So really, Ladies and Gentlemen – and those of each gender who don’t deserve those honorifics, we really need to stop ranting at- and insulting each other over exhibiting similar behaviors about different things. We should, while accepting our differences, try to come together over our fundamental similarities.

Come Together

Hot Chocolate – Finding Common Ground

See? That wasn’t so hard – messy, but not hard at all. Even better, it might bring the bisexual and lesbian women into the mix since they might be wired to split the difference between breasts and chocolate. 😆

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4 Responses to “There Are Similarities”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I do hope this shows up. It is hysterical describing the difference between men and women.

    I could actually see myself and laugh at me because it was true!

  2. Elaine Says:

    A friend of mine told me this years and years ago.
    “A woman gives sex to get love”; and a man “gives love to get sex.”

    I dunnooo.

  3. jonolan Says:

    He’s good..and funny…and seems right about a lot of what he said.

  4. Elaine Says:

    Jonolan, that is why he is so funny. I have a daughter that thinks in a more linear way and she says I drive her nuts for the same reason. Our brains are kinda like computers…everything links together until it develops a pattern.
    Of course, now with Obama in Office, it works well for me. I began watching his actions early…and for the most part I could almost predict what he would be doing… “patterns of behavior.”

    It is helpful for “we women” when we can see why men so so frustrated with us. Bless their hearts and they love us, hopefully, inspite of it all.

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