The Weather Today


The Weather Today: Hot With A Chance Of Sprinkles
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Today’s weather forecast claims it will be hot with a chance for sprinkles. I, for one, hope the weather guessers got it right this time. 😛

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The Weather Report


The Weather Report – Hot With A Chance Of Sprinkles

With various parts of America reopening for business – against the wishes of most Democrats – the weather has, once again, become of some importance.

Well, here’s a great weather forecast!

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In Time For Easter 2020

In Time For Easter 2020

Just in time for Easter 2020, chocolatiers around the world are making Easter Bunny confections wearing protective face masks. 😆

I love it! Nothing says hope more than some good, old-fashion thumbing your nose at whatever’s scaring you.

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There Are Similarities

I’ve written before about how men and women are quite different from each in: their basic needs; choosing a mate, or what to wear; and even simple greetings. It not right, proper, or fair to solely focus on the differences between genders.

There are similarities, fundamental similarities, between men and women in how they approach the world…

Eyes Up Here!
Hey, Lady! Eyes Up Here

Yep, both men and women will stop, fixated, and ogle what we desire. 😆 We just have different foci. Yet we’re both doing the same thing, staring “hungrily” at what would bring us pleasure.

A Man’s Focus

Cleavage – It’s Chocolate For Men


A Woman’s Focus

Chocolate – It’s Cleavage For Women

So really, Ladies and Gentlemen – and those of each gender who don’t deserve those honorifics, we really need to stop ranting at- and insulting each other over exhibiting similar behaviors about different things. We should, while accepting our differences, try to come together over our fundamental similarities.

Come Together

Hot Chocolate – Finding Common Ground

See? That wasn’t so hard – messy, but not hard at all. Even better, it might bring the bisexual and lesbian women into the mix since they might be wired to split the difference between breasts and chocolate. 😆

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Lifesavers In School

LifesaversOnce upon a time in America, not truly too long ago, candy and other snacks weren’t forbidden in our schools. Indeed, not only were students allowed to bring such dangerous contraband to school, teachers often handed such obesity-causing agents to their pupils.

Sometimes teachers even incorporated the now-forbidden treats into their lesson plans.

This, upon occasion, caused problems that even the FLOTUS’ food police couldn’t have expected…

A kindergarten teacher chose to use Lifesavers as a teaching tool to instruct her young charges in the various flavors of fruit available to them, the color coding of the original five-flavors of the candies being considered standardized and effective.

She handed out the candies to your students and the quickly began to identify the flavors by the colors of the individual candies.

  • Red = Cherry
  • Yellow = Lemon
  • Green = Lime
  • Orange = Orange

Note: Off-white / Pineapple was determined not to be age-appropriate and was forcibly removed from the teacher’s lesson plan under the direction of the federal government.

Then the teacher handed them honey-flavored Lifesavers. None of the students could successfully identify the flavor.

The teacher said, “I’ll give you all a little clue. It’s what your mother sometimes calls your father.”

One little girl’s eyes widened in horror and she spit the candy out of her mouth, exclaiming, “Oh my God! They’re assholes!”

The teacher had to leave the room at that point.

And please! Before any of the slightly younger and more properly educated readers start complaining, remember that this is an old joke. Back then the unenlightened school teachers were not properly chastened for using such horribly gendered and heteronormative prejudicial and bigoted terms such as “Mother” and “Father.”

And again, please! This is an old joke. The child in question wasn’t removed from the class and her parents’ weren’t brought up on charges for her wildly inappropriate and Christofascist violation of the Separation of Church and State by mentioning God on public property.

Just enjoy the joke as you can. Humor can, after all, be a lifesaver. 😉

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