Still Hot, Stay Wet

It’s Still Hot. Stay Wet!

Ladies, it’s still hot, so stay wet. You’ll feel better and so will we. Not, of course, that your being delightfully wet will cool us off. Quite the contrary, but that’s a far better, more pleasant, and fruitful sort of heating thing up.

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Wetter Is Better

It’s Summer! I Think We Can Agree, Wetter Is Better

It’s seriously summertime in the Northern Hemisphere. And it’s pretty damn hot too, even here in NYC – though that’s normal and part of the city’s history. But, this means that I’m pretty damn sure everyone, even the Liberals and Progressives – possibly even the Feminists – can agree on is that wetter is better in this weather. 😀

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The Weather Report


The Weather Report – Hot With A Chance Of Sprinkles

With various parts of America reopening for business – against the wishes of most Democrats – the weather has, once again, become of some importance.

Well, here’s a great weather forecast!

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