Widows And Orphans

Yes, we do fear Muslim widows and orphansMuslim Widows And Orphans

Also, let me point out that both the widow and the orphan shown above are Palestinians, parts of Hamas in the West Back. In other words, they’re both “good” Muslim terrorists and hold a special place in the hearts of Liberals and Progressives. Now picture what ISIS will do and how far they’ll go for their false God.

Does the above that I or any American believe that all, or even a majority, of those Muslim widows and orphans will turn out to be terrorist jihadi? No! Statistics from both government and NGO sources say that, if we let 10,000 of them into America, only 2000 will be supportive of Muslim Terrorism, and only 200 will actually “radicalize” and commit terrorist acts in the names of Allah and his Pedophile Prophet.

Of course, much like serial killers, we can’t tell which ones of those widows and orphans are a danger by looking at them…

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4 Responses to “Widows And Orphans”

  1. cmblake6 Says:

    I must say, I was trying to share this on FB. I seem to be in FB jail for a comment I made and they removed. I will freely admit it was somewhat profane, and violated “community standards” regarding the warmth they seem to feel for those of the religion of peace.

  2. You cannot argue the truth | Cmblake6's Weblog Says:

    […] Of this. 20,000 import. 2,000 are fundamentalist. 200 go radical. Which ones and where? […]

  3. Dr. Jeff Says:

    All of which leaves us a very unpleasant problem. Given the Islam itself, alone among the great religions of the world, requires its’ followers to make war on non Muslims and apostates, how are we to protect ourselves from them WITHOUT committing genocide upon millions of otherwise innocent people, the 98% of Muslims who are not violent yet carry the infection of Violent Jihad?

    I don’t have a good answer to that. Does anyone?

  4. jonolan Says:

    More like the 80% that don’t yet carry the infection of Violent Jihad. 18% – in the US, 30% globally – carry it but don’t have the courage or desperation to act on it; they just support it. And that number doesn’t even include the larger figures for those Muslims who engage in lawfare instead of warfare.

    Short of genocide, which I’m in favor of, the answer would be quarantine. Put them in their places and keep them there while, at the same time, not going there ourselves beyond the absolute minimum needed for trade.

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