Some Mornings Are Worse

Some Mornings Are Worse
Some Mornings Are Worse

Some mornings are worse than others. Some mornings even cause your coffee to puke in fear and disgust of what’s to come.

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Tanlines - They Say A Lot
Tanlines – They Say A Lot

As we begin the march into Summer weather, let’s all remember that your tanlines say lot about you. 😆

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The Dems' Fears Came True

The Dems' Fears Came True, Just Not How They Wanted Them To
The Dems’ Fears Came True, Just Not How They Wanted

It’s truly ironic, though not as surprising as one would hope, that just about everything the Dems feared would happen under President Trump has actually happened since Joe “Bad Hands” Biden was installed as POTUS through their fanatical efforts.

On the truly bright side though, in 2024 we could make their worst fears come true by reelecting President Trump to office. 😉

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Dems' Collective Fear

Dems' Collective Fear
Dems’ Collective Fear

Mr. Russell, in his work, Unpopular Essays, was quite correct. The behaviors of Liberals, Progressives, Minorities, Feminists – all of the sorts that vote Democrat – have proven this time and time again, with each paroxysm of fear and its resultant ferocity and often feral savagery further proving that it’s a degenerative cycle.

It doesn’t matter which fear it is either. COVID-19, Climate Change, Capitalism, or the more fundamental fear of straight, White men, the response by the Left and their minority sharecroppers is always to circle up and attack anyone who doesn’t share their fears however they can, which normally means vilifying them and labeling them as an existential threat.

Worse, it doesn’t end – though the latest, trendy fear may distract them from previous fears for a while. Instead, it escalates because the Dems’ collective fears create a feedback loop between them, the Lamestream Media, and their politicians that is self-perpetuating and, like all engines subject to positive feedback loops, prone to runaway or race conditions.

The truly unfortunate thing is that there’s no outside cure for cowardice, only cures for cowards.

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Horror & Happiness Now

Horror & Happiness Now In The Days Of The Wuhan-Democrat Flu
Horror & Happiness Now
In The Days Of The Wuhan-Democrat Flu

With so many people – most of them the sorts that would vote Democrat and also the vast majority of them who do vote Democrat – suffering from long-haul panicdemic, the image above does aptly sum up horror and happiness today, in the days of their plague.

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