What’s Actually Wrong

What's Actually Wrong In America
What’s Actually Wrong In America

The above cartoon is a nigh-on perfect, and perfectly sarcastic, example of what is actually wrong in America today. In the minds of far too many nothing is exempt from political meaning and allegiance. Nothing.

True, it is far more prevalent among Democrats and their sort with their hate-filled #CancelCulture and TURDS, but Americans these days are prone to the problem as well, just not as much or to the extent that the Left is.

It’s all a sure sign that the government is too big, too invasive, and far too pervasive. It’s also a sign that the 24/7 fake news cycle is pernicious and a clear and present danger to the health of the People and the Nation.

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While it seems unlikely that the House Democrats will drag out their over-used and worthless impeachment proceedings against President Trump for doing his duty and nominating a replacement for the late and unlamentedby Americans at least – the damage has already been done. Pelosi and her ilk have, with their hate– and madness-fueled obsession with impeaching our President, have already done incalculable harm to our democracy.

But, rather than waxing vitriolic, I’ll just quote from The Portly Politico, who stated the problem as well or better than I would have.

The Democrats already cheapened impeachment with their bogus “Ukraine collusion” story. Technically, yes, the House can impeach a president at any time if they have the votes to do so. The prudence and dispassion of a prior age would normally have prevented such a drastic measure except in the most dire of constitutional circumstances—in other words, if the president actually abused his authority and the constitutional limits placed upon it.

Now, however, the Democrats have cheapened the impeachment process to such an extent that it’s nearly the equivalent of voting to name a federal post office after some uncontroversial small town hero or legendary civil rights figure: it’s just another day at the office.

If Speaker Pelosi and her ilk push through an impeachment against President Trump for fulfilling his constitutional duty and power to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court, the very act of impeachment will have lost all meaning. If President Trump were wantonly selling the Supreme Court seat to the highest bidder, then, by all means — impeach away! But he clearly isn’t.

— The Portly Politico

Truly though, go to the Portly Politico and read his whole article. It’s more than worth what time and effort doing so will cost.

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Things Have Changed

With President Trump Things Have Changed

Now, It's Not ISIS Yelling Death To America; It;s Liberals Doing So
With President Trump Things Have Changed

Things have certainly changed since we, the People elected Donald Trump as the President of our nation. ISIS is no longer yelling, “Death to America;” they’re barely even around anymore at all. And the same can be said for most iterations of Muslim Terrorism. Indeed, when it comes to foreign enemies and global terrorism, the world has become less violent since President Trump took up the reins of power.

Sadly, on the domestic front, the domestic enemies of the People and the Nation have risen up in violent insurrection, fully endorsed and supported by the Democrats that they elected. “Death to America,” is still be shouted in various forms. It’s just being shouted by Liberals, Progressives, and their Blacks. And, some predict that it will dramaticaly increase and escalate if the American people reelect President Trump.

So yes, things have certainly changed under the management of the Trump Administration. The question that change poses for the American people is what solution are we wlling to enact to the question posed to us by the sorts that support the Democrats.

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Dems’ Diseased Ravings

Dems' Diseased Ravings
Dems’ Diseased Ravings

COVID-19 may still be the pandemic in the front of most people’s minds, but it’s TURDS aka TDS that has been endemic across large swaths of those living inside America’s borders. And it’s been raging, largely unchecked, since November 8, 2016.

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Q & A On Biden’s Campaign

Some things just don’t make sense on their own. Q & A is needed, since what is apparent is obtuse. A case in point being both Biden’s campaign and the nature of support his constituency has been engaged in.

The Question

The Answer

And there is the answer. Both the Biden Campaign and his supporters have nothing but hatred for President Trump and the American people. It is the sole plank in their political platform and the sole pillar of their ideology.

Why do they do nothing but spew hatred at our POTUS and we who support his efforts? They’ve got nothing else! In 47 years as a professional politician, Biden has never done anything of note, nor has he ever shown a strong position on anything for any length of time.

Not that Biden’s lack of noticeable accomplishment over the course of 47 years is in any way unusual for a career politician of any party. And Biden is definitely a career politician. He might even be considered the archetypal career politician.

Not only is Biden a career politician, but politics has also been his only career. In his working life, he only spent approximately two years – the first two years after law school – when he wasn’t holding some form of public office. That has not only colored his opinions, but it has also shaped him into one of the easily forgotten “worker bees” of the legislature; someone who quietly helps get some things done while not rocking the boat of his supporters and donors too much. It did not shape Biden into a leader.

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