Dems' Collective Fear

Dems' Collective Fear
Dems’ Collective Fear

Mr. Russell, in his work, Unpopular Essays, was quite correct. The behaviors of Liberals, Progressives, Minorities, Feminists – all of the sorts that vote Democrat – have proven this time and time again, with each paroxysm of fear and its resultant ferocity and often feral savagery further proving that it’s a degenerative cycle.

It doesn’t matter which fear it is either. COVID-19, Climate Change, Capitalism, or the more fundamental fear of straight, White men, the response by the Left and their minority sharecroppers is always to circle up and attack anyone who doesn’t share their fears however they can, which normally means vilifying them and labeling them as an existential threat.

Worse, it doesn’t end – though the latest, trendy fear may distract them from previous fears for a while. Instead, it escalates because the Dems’ collective fears create a feedback loop between them, the Lamestream Media, and their politicians that is self-perpetuating and, like all engines subject to positive feedback loops, prone to runaway or race conditions.

The truly unfortunate thing is that there’s no outside cure for cowardice, only cures for cowards.

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The Biden Vaccine

The Biden Vaccine
The Biden Vaccine

Here’s one positive thing. You can stop or reduce your worrying over the coronavirus. COVID-19 is on its way out thanks to the Biden Vaccine. The Democrats likely-beyond-reasonable-doubt installation of Joe Biden as the next POTUS is the vaccine that will destroy The ‘Rona.

By that, I don’t mean any “real” vaccine. I mean that, with the incoming Biden-Harris regime, the Lamestream Media will largely back off on sowing undue fear about COVID-19 and lambasting the Executive over any responses made or not made. They’ll do their “best” to “normalize” the fear levels while protecting Biden and Harris.

The Media Is The Virus
The Media Is The Virus

It makes perfect sense once you realize that the media is the virus. The media is the real disease causing so much pain and strife across our nation. Once that truth is understood, it makes sense that, having achieved their and their masters’ goals of installing Biden as the titular POTUS, the symptoms they caused will fade out.

Fade out, not go away!

That the media’s propagation of the “Panicdemic” will fade out doesn’t mean that it will fade away. No; the coronavirus will still be here. It’s just that the Lamestream media will normalize that while keeping just enough fear alive to enable them to castigate any and all who rebel against various and sundry Democrat politicians’ “reasonable” restrictions upon Americans’ Rights of Speech, Assembly, Religion, and Association.

Essentially, think of all Americans as “Long Haulers.”

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CNN’s Virus Countermeasures

CNN’s Virus Countermeasures – Lie From Home

The Lamestream Media has taken heretofore unprecedented steps to protect its “journalists” during the Coronavirus pandemic. CNN has even instructed them to lie from home rather than from in the field.

Then, that’s the advantage of working for CNN during the (mis)information age; you can pretend to report upon the news from almost anywhere.

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19 Or 1984?

Not Sure If It's COVID-19 Or COVID-1984
Not Sure If It’s COVID-19 Or COVID-1984

Yep! With all the Lamestream Media’s erratic fear-mongering and the Democrats’ constant attempts to use this outbreak as a means of attacking our President, I’m not sure if this is COVID-19 or COVID-1984.

Really! What does all of their hate- and fear-filled jabbering boil down to other than, “Coronavirus is ungood and anything President Trump does or doesn’t do is doubleplusungood!”

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Coronavirus Defense

Coronavirus Defense System
Coronavirus Defense System

You need to protect yourself and your community from the pandemic, coronavirus (COVID-19)! Hence, you just might want to invest in a Coronavirus Defense System for when you see some damn fool coughing or sneezing and then wiping their face. 😆

Or for when you see some other damn fool buying up all the damn toilet paper!

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