Wall St On Nov 18

On November 17, 2011, the day after Mayor Bloomberg finally chased the OWS rabble out of Zuccotti Park, they vowed to shutdown Wall St and the financial institutions located there. They called it the Day Of Disruption

As should have been expected the slackers’ efforts were a pathetic failure. Also as should be expected, they had no staying power. While some shouted that the “event” would last all week or longer, Wall St. was quiet, peaceful, and efficient on November 18.

NYSE Nov 18 - No Occupation
NYSE Is Utterly Quiet

The police officers in NYPD’s security checkpoint at the NYSE were far more concerned about the fact that one part of the bottom bracing on their rain cover was broken than in anything going on around the NYSE – because nothing was going on.

Wall St. Nov 18 - No Occupation
Wall St. And Nassau St, Quiet As Well

Passersby and a few tourists could and did go about their business with no interference from the OWS rabble or law enforcement personnel charged with containing them.

So much for the OWS rabble’s Day Of Disruption and continuance of their illegal occupation of Lower Manhattan. Like all angry monkeys, they made a lot noise and flung a lot of feces but the creations of Man withstood them and enforced order upon them. Like all attempts at Socialism, it and it’s proponents were rejected by Americans.

I’d say that it was back to business as usual on Wall St. but business was largely never other than usual there during the occupation. It was only the small businesses and residents that were disrupted by the filth of OWS.

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2 Responses to “Wall St On Nov 18”

  1. Order in the Quart Says:

    Wonderful observations, Jonolan. Apparently, most of the media haven’t the brilliance you and I claim, in that we could see that this was likely the outcome of the absurdity that was “Occupy.”

  2. jonolan Says:

    Welcome aboard!

    The media’s response to the OWS rabble had to be expected. Both their political and economic sensibilities would require them to do what they could to support these slackers.

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