It Can And Did…

It Can And Did
It Can And Did Happen Here

I’ve written before how tyranny will happen here in America. And, sadly, I was right, because it did happen here and large swaths of those living within our borders cheered it on.

A radical, Democrat judge, Arthur Engoron and a far-Left Attorney General, Letitia James – who got elected on her promise to persecute President Trump by any means necessary – colluded to manufacture a civil fraud case against President Trump even though their were no plaintiffs and no damaged parties in the case, and all the supposed victims of President Trump testified in his defense. Engoran even went so far as to arbitrarily assign monetary values to President Trump’s properties to make the case against him.

The result of this kangaroo court was a $355 million plus interest penalty, and President Trump being banned for three years from serving in any top roles at a New York company, including his own. Engoran is also appointing his people to oversea and possibly dissolve President Trump’s NY businesses.

Again, let it be written a read – Democrats convened a court with no plaintiffs or complaining witnesses except their own DA, decided by fiat the basis of the cases – President Trump’s real estate values, ignored the testimony of the supposed victims of fraud, and simply stole President Trumps wealth.

Government Tyranny – the reason for the 2nd Amendment – can and has happened here now. The only question is who will be the Democrats’ next victim of their weaponized judicial system.

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NY Now Composting People

NY Now Composting People
NY Now Composting People

‘Tis odd but true; New York, thanks to actions by the state’s legislature and NY’s Governor, Kathy Hochul – most likely as a sop to the climatards and/or due to getting kickbacks from Recompose – has legalized the composting of human remains, euphemized as natural organic reduction, terramation, and/or recomposition. This makes New York the 6th Democrat-controlled state, following Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, and California, to allow the controversial practice.

To my mind and irrespective of the reasons Democrats had for putting for and then passing this into law, in so long as it is a truly voluntary choice – i.e., the Dems don’t “regulate” and tax burials and cremations to the point that they’re no longer valid choices for most people – I not only don’t mind this, I like it. I have a normal American man’s love of family and have always been an avid gardener. Having my composted remains added to my family’s gardens suits me quite, quite well. Christian groups, especially Catholics hold a quite different opinion though, one which makes no historical or Biblical sense to me at all.

This Is About As Biblical As One Can Get

Despite what certain Catholic across the country have proclaimed, composting the remains of a dead person is about as biblical as it gets.

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Genesis 3:19 (KJV)

That makes it pretty clear to me, and that is in English. If we move to a closer source, Classical Hebrew, “dust” in Genesis is aphar adamah (dust of the soil), which would be the soil and the soil alone, whereas the beasts were created from the ha’eres (the land as a whole). So, Man was created from the fertile soil and shall eventually, after a life of labor wresting sustenance from that soil, return to it. Amen.

Snarky Sidenote: Yes, to my fellow linguistic enthusiasts! Adam’s name was “Dirt.” 😆

This is the basis for why Talmudic law forbids both cremation and embalming the dead. We are soil and we must be returned to it and become it again.


As for the Catholics odd-seeming over-veneration of corpses? It creeps me out a bit – relics! 😮 – but it’s their thing andt they’re welcome to it. It is, however, a false argument in this cases. Buried in the ground, buried at sea, cremated, or composted – he 1st three all being allowed by Church doctrine – intrinsically carry with them any veneration or sanctification of a person’s mortal remains. But, nor do they carry and intrinsic profanation of those remains.

Frankly speaking, I find it closer to spirit of Catholic teachings to have a tree growing from one’s composted remains or to have the value left in one’s flesh feeding the garden that helps sustain one’s family than to have one’s meat chemically treated so that it both can’t rot for ages and would poison the ground (adamah) it was “returned” to if the vault it was placed in failed; or one’s ashes consigned to a columbarium and swiftly forgotten; or buried at sea and just as swiftly forgotten and more unreachable.

And hey! Those Catholic clergy and their Church have a lot of properties with a lot of green space. There’s nothing to say that their faithful couldn’t bequeath their no longer needed, composted dead flesh to bring life to them. 😉


“You don’t have a soul, Doctor. You are a soul. You have a body, temporarily.”
A Canticle For Leibowitz
Walter M. Miller (1959)

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I Love NYC Summers

I Love NYC Summers For Obvious Reasons

There’s a lot to be said against living in New York City, especially if you’re a White Male American like me. Living in an increasingly anti-White and anti-heterosexual stronghold of the Democrats presents daily problems. But I’ve got to say that I love NYC summers.

How could I not love city in which, at the first blush of Summer, women of all sorts and races cast off their bras and go out and about in various styles of thin and/or tight clothing?

And yes! I’ve adopted the NYC tradition of stoop-sitting, largely to enjoy this wonderful yearly pageant.

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NYC Is A Funny Place

NYC Is A Funny Place
Sitcom Map Of New York City
NYC Is A Funny Place

NYC is a funny place. No, really! It is! Just look at the map of all the sitcoms that have been set in the place.

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Anarchist NYC

NYC Is Formally Declared An Anarchist City

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has declared New York City, along with Portland and Seattle, as “Anarchist Jurisdictions” due to their local governments having permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and having refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities within their borders.

[sic] … in New York City, city officials have allowed violence to spike. In late May and early June, State and local officials allowed looting to take place for over a week, resulting in damage to an estimated 450 businesses. As of August 16, there have been 896 shootings in New York this year, compared to 492 shootings during the same period last year. The shooting victims include children as young as 1 year old. Shootings have been rising in recent weeks, and police reported 244 shootings last month compared to 88 in July 2019 — a 177 percent increase. While violence has surged, arrests have plummeted. In a 28-day period during the months of June and July, arrests were down 62 percent from the same period in 2019. Amidst the rising violence, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Council agreed to cut one billion dollars from the New York Police Department (NYPD) budget, including by canceling the hiring of 1,163 officers. In June, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea disbanded the NYPD’s plainclothes anti-crime units, which target illegal guns and violent crime. Police officials have cited this decision as a factor contributing to the rise in violence. In light of this unconscionable rise in violence, I have offered to provide Federal law enforcement assistance, but both Mayor de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have rejected my offer.

— President Donald J. Trump
Memorandum on Reviewing Funding to State
and Local Government Recipients That Are Permitting
Anarchy, Violence, and Destruction in American Cities

This isn’t just idle words either. De Blasio’s outright refusal to maintain law and order and his and his family’s outright, over support for the race rioters of #BlackLivesMatter may well cost NYC more than $7 billion federal grant monies in fiscal 2021 alone. That would be approximately 7.5% of the NYC government’s total expected revenues. And that will be coming on top however much damage the Blacks and their enablers end up costing the city and the $9 billion loss in tax revenue the city faces due to de Blasio’s and Cuomo’s response to COVID-19.

Those of us living in NYC will soon see just how much de Blasio, Cuomo, and their constituencies in #BlackLivesMatter, #Antifa, and other Democrat cells have cost us. The director of the Office of Management and Budget has 30 days to issue guidance to federal agencies on restricting eligibility for federal grants for the cities on the DOJ’s list.

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