Climate Change’s Spokestroll

Climate Change's Spokestroll In A Nutshell
Climate Change’s Spokestroll In A Nutshell

Greta Thunberg, the severely mentally ill spokestroll for the world’s Global Warmists, is the perfect face for the hypocrisy and selective actions of the Warmists as a whole. Only certain countries are faced with their outrage and have to deal with Leftist politicians pandering to them. Other, somehow always non-White, countries can, do, and will act and “pollute” as the please with no reasonable fear of backlash.

Then, the entirety of the AGW alarmism and activism has almost always been more about wealth redistribution and equity than it’s been about Climate Change. And it’s been far more about padding the pockets of a small number of businessmen and politicians than that.

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Trump Is Guilty

Trump Is Guilty
What Trump Is Guilty Of

Yes. President Trump was, is, and shall be guilty of obstructing socialism and globalism, the two seemingly opposing and counterintuitive pillars of the Democrats’ socioeconomic platform. That is the real “crime” he has repeatedly committed and the primary reason why Democrats have thrown out every longstanding tradition, rule, and law for 9+ years to destroy him.

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China Ignores Climate Change

China Ignores Climate Change
China Ignores Climate Change

That’s the actual truth. China ignores Climate Change because China doesn’t fear Climate Change since they already have what most people still think of as a Communist government. And their lack of fear is sensible and right since there has never been a single piece of Climate Change legislation, treaties, or anything that didn’t explicitly exempt China from inclusion or enforcement. And this is despite the fact that China is the largest “climate polluter,” making up approximately 30% of global emissions, more than the combined output of American and European Union as a whole.

But titularly Communist nations like China and the various Socialist nations – admittedly, most of them are “Developing” nations – always seem to get a pass when it to anyone’s, especially the UN’s, anti-AGW efforts. This is because reversing or mitigating Climate Change has never been the primary point of Climate Activism at the geopolitical level. It’s always been about wealth redistribution and lowering Western people’s living standards in order to combat “income inequality.” It’s always been about Global Socialism as a pathway to eventual Global Communism.

Those of you who believe in Climate Change as it has been presenteda hoax-in-detail can still be true in broader context – should really be much, much more pissed off at this than the rest of us. Your fears are the ones being manipulated in order to achieve something other than the salvation you believe they’re striving for. Really! You’re trying to save the planet, even if it means great sacrifice, and the politicians and global agencies you’re supporting are trying to further an economic agenda instead of an environmental one. You should be so pissed off about that.

Think about it. What’s the best alternative? That they’re not trying for wealth redistribution, but are merely exempting China, a resource and manufacturing powerhouse, so that Western nations can outsource their emissions there, thereby lowering their numbers and meeting their emission goals?

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In Bad Company

Biden's In Bad Company
Biden’s In Bad Company

By normative standards, Biden is in bad company. Only him and some of the Western Hemisphere’s worst dictators have had their political opponent arrested or otherwise weaponized the courts system against them. But, to be heartlessly fair, neither Biden nor his supporters may consider this bad company. Chavez, Ortega, and Morales were, after all, Socialists and everybody knows you can’t enact socialism upon a nation without the use of force and fiat.

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Socialism Is Failure

Socialism Is Failure, Not Better Than Capitalism
Socialism Is Failure, Not Something Better Than Capitalism

Our domestic enemies, the vast majority of which vote for Democrats, keep striving to enact socialism upon our nation. But, as history and current events keep showing us, socialism is not just a failure as an economic system, it is failure. It has never worked at above the township level and, barring a dramatic change in human nature, it never will.

OK, maybe under our future AI overlords and their robotic enforcers it might work. But we’re not there yet.

Socialism is just a way for incompetent and/or corrupt politicians and political parties to get themselves elected by swearing to give their proles “the other guy’s money.” It doesn’t solve any problems. In fact, it causes more because the wealthy and productive emigrate out of those failed states as soon as they can. This is something that California has already found out and are using their version of the Reich Flight Tax (Reichsfluchtsteuer) to ameliorate the effects of.

Socialism and its offers of “social programs” are just an indication that the government in question is made up of politically incompetent or corrupt individuals, and is unable or unwilling to offer real solutions to political crises, both real and manufactured; instead, throwing the other guy’s money at the whatever the situation is or is declared to be.

As I said, socialism is failure and the admission of such when enacted by an existing government.

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