Socialism Is Failure

Socialism Is Failure, Not Better Than Capitalism
Socialism Is Failure, Not Something Better Than Capitalism

Our domestic enemies, the vast majority of which vote for Democrats, keep striving to enact socialism upon our nation. But, as history and current events keep showing us, socialism is not just a failure as an economic system, it is failure. It has never worked at above the township level and, barring a dramatic change in human nature, it never will.

OK, maybe under our future AI overlords and their robotic enforcers it might work. But we’re not there yet.

Socialism is just a way for incompetent and/or corrupt politicians and political parties to get themselves elected by swearing to give their proles “the other guy’s money.” It doesn’t solve any problems. In fact, it causes more because the wealthy and productive emigrate out of those failed states as soon as they can. This is something that California has already found out and are using their version of the Reich Flight Tax (Reichsfluchtsteuer) to ameliorate the effects of.

Socialism and its offers of “social programs” are just an indication that the government in question is made up of politically incompetent or corrupt individuals, and is unable or unwilling to offer real solutions to political crises, both real and manufactured; instead, throwing the other guy’s money at the whatever the situation is or is declared to be.

As I said, socialism is failure and the admission of such when enacted by an existing government.

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Blackest Hypocrisy

Moochelle's Blackest Hypocrisy
Moochelle’s Blackest Hypocrisy

Nothing new. Nothing special. Just “The Mooch” acting and jabbering like every other unconscionably wealthy Leftard elitist. It’s just this beast crying out how “Someone” – which never, ever includes themselves or their coterie – his going to have to except harm for the sake of some set of specially protected and privileged others.

Truly though, this is the blackest hyprocrisy. And yet. at the same time, how very White of her. 😆

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The Old Left vs The New

The Old Left vs The New

And therein is the essential tragicomedy of the Left within America’s borders. With the glaring exceptions of anything that came out of President Trump’s administration and any attempt to apply law enforcement to the Blacks, the Leftists have gone in the span of five decades or so from being insanely anti-establishment to becoming slavishly pro-establishment.

Talk about a generation gap! They done a complete 180 and become more extreme and intolerant in recent years. My guess is this is because they now open endorse Soviet-style State Socialism because it’s to only way that they can get what they want since well over half the country disagrees with either the goals, means, or both.

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The March Of Progressives

The March Of Progressives

With equal parts sarcastic hilarity and sadness, this sums up seeing the various breeds of Liberals, Progressives, Leftists, and “Woke” sorts’ constant march towards their vision of utopia. All they’re ever doing is plodding in a circle and digging a trench of repeated failure.

It is rather a, if not the definition of insanity; to do the same thing time and time again, expecting to get a different result. And that is what these “Progressive” sorts are and have been doing. At most/worst they try either variations on a theme or, having reached yet another failure point, they’ve expanded their criteria for either victimhood or oppression.

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Most Woke Picture

Hollywood’s New Best Woke Picture Standards

Hollywood’s been a den of iniquity and anti-American sentiment for many, many years – since its inception for the former and since the 1960s for the latter. Hence, why actions have been taken against them in the past. Still though, even with that long history of wrongness, Hollywood can manage to shock my sensibilities. In this case, it’s their new, “woke” requirement for the Best Picture award.

Forget the quality or “importance” of the film. First, its creators have to meet all the racial, gender, and sexual proclivity quotas for its creation. 🙄 And, ever so ironically, this is likely the beginning of Hollywood’s very own Blacklist.

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