Khrushchev’s Long Game

Khrushchev's Long Game
Khrushchev’s Long Game

And there in is the true sadness of the world. Khruschchev’s long game was spot on, despite decades and decades, and failed nation after failed nation to prove that neither Communism nor Socialism can truly work at the national scale. Yet it’s a damnable fact that, since 1960, various Democrats and other Leftists have been incrementally nudging America toward that failure of a socio-economic-political system.

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Most Icon Obama Photo

Iconic Obama Photo
The Single Most Most Icon Obama Photo

Understand that, to give the boy his just due, Obama is perhaps the most efficient POTUS in living memory when it comes to controlling and protecting his message and ensuring that, whenever possible, his is the only voice given credence. This is especially true when it comes to photo ops. The Obama Regime strictly controls such things and doesn’t allow photos that Obama doesn’t approve of to be taken or publicized. Hence, the above photo of Obama and his cronies in Cuba had to been approved by him and his staff.

Frankly, I’m impressed by it. It’s a rare showing of honesty, loyalties, and intent by Obama. I truly believe that this should be considered the single most iconic photo of him.

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Obama’s Infidelity

Patria O Muerte, Venceremos
Patria O Muerte, Venceremo!

With Obama deciding to unilaterally normalize relations with Cuba, many Americans could most likely easily picture the boy standing up and loudly proclaiming the motto of the Fidel Castro’s revolution, “¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!” (Fatherland or Death, We Will Overcome!). After all, so much of what Obama has jabbered over the years has sounded more in line with Cuba’s communist regime than with America’s principles.

While an easy opinion to hold, it is one that I do not truly agree with for two reasons: it would violate the basic doctrine of Obama’s foreign policy. and it operates under the assumption that the boy had some plan or position goal to reach by doing it.

To me this seems eerily similar to the Bergdahl-Taliban trade, with a bit of rhetoric thrown into the mix to make it seem more like a policy decision and less like once again capitulating to America’s enemies.

Face it, the boy can’t negotiate and anytime he has to he just hands the enemy whatever they ask for in exchange for what he wants. He will never do otherwise and never try to bargain from a position of strength. Hence, Obama’s infidelity to American principles and interests stems more from weakness than active malice.

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Choices Don’t Matter

One thing that you, as an American, can count upon is that the Liberals and Progressives will rant and rave a whole lot about how people should have freedom of choice. The thing is that they don’t believe in consequences to those choices.

Vampire Lady
Your Choices Don’t Matter

With the 2014 elections coming up in November we, the People have another opportunity to fulfill our duty to God(s) and Country to send a strong message to these domestic enemies that their cause and agenda will not be tolerated within our nation any longer. We have another opportunity to teach these creatures that choices matter, carry the weight of consequence, and that they have already made theirs.


NOTE: The heavily modified woman in the image is Maria Jose Cristerna and she willingly and knowingly made her choices and has, to all appearances, abided by the consequences with both grace and aplomb. Please do not consider the use of her image as either an indictment against her and as her being a poster child for Liberal and Progressive folly and evil.

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Squawking The Squawk

President Obama, Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and Zelaya certainly seem to be birds of a feather. Or, at least, President Obama is good at squawking the squawk of a Socialist or Communist dictator.

Obama, Castro, Chavez, Ortega, - Birds of a Feather
Obama, Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and Zelaya – Birds of a Feather

On Tuesday, June 30, 2009, under the direction of President Obama, the United States co-sponsored legislation with Marxist regimes of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia in solidarity with- and support of the recently ousted Socialist leader and would-be Leftist dictator Manuel Zelaya of Honduras.

As reported by The Hill:

The U.S. co-sponsored a successful U.N. resolution supporting Honduras’s ousted leader Tuesday as Republicans began to speak out against the Obama administration’s condemnation of the overthrow.

Manuel Zelaya, who was arrested and forced into exile Sunday, addressed the U.N. General Assembly after the unanimous vote on the resolution sponsored in part by Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela and the United States.

“The resolution that the United Nations has just adopted unanimously … expresses the indignation of the people of Honduras and the people worldwide,” said Zelaya, who began his speech by thanking Venezuela and Ecuador.

President Obama, meeting with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on Monday, said the U.S. would “stand with democracy” in the face of the overthrow.

H/T to Gateway Pundit

Those were very stirring words spewing from Obama’s mouth. He’s standing with democracy in the face of a military coup. That sounds so American. It’s a shame for America that these words are, like most of what issues from Obama’s craw, lies and falsehoods.

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