Two Big Reasons

Two Big Reasons To Be Savagely Anti-Communist
Two Big Reasons To Be Savagely Anti-Communist

Not only is Capitalism the economic form that sustains the world, but there’s two big reasons, truly powerful reasons, that I will always choose it over any other form of economy when at scale larger than a small, tight-knit, homogeneous community.

Bodacious Boobs Of The Free World

Because it’s true; you just don’t get very many bodacious boobs in non-Capitalist countries, most of whom have huge and persistent food production and distribution issues which result in starvation and stunted growth – and flatter, smaller boobs.

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What Is Wealth?

Chinese Gold CoinsWhat is wealth? What is it based upon and what is it comprised of? This seems an important question, though one that it might not be wise or helpful to answer.

I do not ask this question in the philosophical or spirituals realms where one might find true and lasting wealth but purely in the context of material wealth.

This is, however, a dangerous question because, if the answer to it shows that the economies of the Civilized World are based upon lies and stupidity instead of true wealth, too many people learning what wealth is and what it is based upon would completely collapse those economies.

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Just Around The Corner

If it weren’t both so pathetic and perilous I’d laugh at the various things that Obama and his Liberals mouth about the state of the American economy and their efforts to-date to “fix” it. But Schadenfreude or delectatio morosa over their tangible failures and failure to twist and spin such into a perceived success can only stretch so far when it’s the American people who will have to foot the bill for those failures.

Leaving the fact that everything that the Obama Regime has done has just made thing worse, I’m forced to just sigh and shake my head at their self-centeredness, narcissism, and arrogance.

They jabber on about “protecting normal Americans” and being “on the right road” in the hopes of being reelected as if they think that we haven’t heard all of this before.

Alfred Frueh’s 'Around The Corner' - The New Yorker - January 16, 1932 - Commenting on President Hoover’s statement that prosperity is just around the corner
Prosperity Is Just Around The Corner

In 1932 President Hoover said of the Great Depression, “Prosperity is just around the corner.” As caricaturist, cartoonist and illustrator, Alfred Frueh summed up, those words rang utterly hollow, coming as they did from a POTUS who demanded total deference to his will, was incapable of accepting criticism, and who was described as, “an irresolute and easily frightened man.”

Hoover’s patently ridiculous claim was lampooned when it wasn’t just ignored. What would make anyone with any knowledge of history and economics believe that, with America in similar straits, essentially the same words from a latter day incarnation of Hoover would play any better?

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