Batshit Crazy?

Batshit CrazyBatshit Crazy? Who Did Decide It Was The Craziest?

Take a moment – not too long though – and think about it. Who did decide that, of all the shit in the world, bat shit was the craziest?

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Do Check Your Privilege

Everyone, please do check you privileges. Oh, not in the manner that the Liberals and Progressives mean for you to do so in order to delegitimize any opinion that you might have that dissents against their agenda and closely held beliefs. Instead check your privileges and, if possible, enumerate them for yourselves because the privileges you’ve earned or your ancestors earned for you will go along way towards defining the character of your culture.

I would say that, even more than rights, privileges are the fundamental metric of what any people value and hold dear.

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No Accommodation

Thinking ApeIt may surprise many that I spend a fair amount of my time musing about the state, follies, foibles, and rare successes of Man. Then again, it may not, given that people ascribe little value to such pondering and, hence, would assume I would engage in it.

Much, however, do I muse upon Man and his dysfunctional relationship with both Life and Death. How we deal or, more often than not, fail to deal with either perplexes me.

Some men seek power because life ends. Others, for the same reason, seek meaning. And yet the world is the same for both sorts, and makes no effort to accommodate either.

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