Shit Just Got Real

Shit Just Got Real
Shit Just Got Real 😀

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Shoveling Shit On The 20th

6 Days Until We Remove The Ball Of Shit From The White HouseShoveling Shit On The 20th

My fellow Americans, the true-born and rightly raised citizens in more than name of our fine if beleaguered land, it’s now a mere six days till Obama is removed from White House – 6 days until incoming President Donald Trump will truly start shoveling the shit out of his new abode and our nation.

This shall be the ending of an error and, if we’re both blessed and willing to put the work in, the beginning of a new, greater era.

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Batshit Crazy?

Batshit CrazyBatshit Crazy? Who Did Decide It Was The Craziest?

Take a moment – not too long though – and think about it. Who did decide that, of all the shit in the world, bat shit was the craziest?

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Obama’s Agribusiness

Obama ManureObama is many things. In point of fact, his image has been carefully crafted by his handlers and overseers to be, as close as is possible, to being all things to all people. At the core of it, however, what the boy is is the CEO of a successful agribusiness.

Oh, nothing so honest, productive, and American as a farmer. Obama neither sows nor reaps; he just sells the what that others used to farm with.

One must give Obama and his handlers and overseers credit though. They recognized a need, real or manufactured, for bullshit and capitalized heavily and successfully on fulfilling that need. Given that Obama seems to have an endless and sustainable source of bullshit, this is good business.

The Kindergatner-in-Chief on his shit pile
The Kindergartner-in-Chief Talking Shit Like Always

Obama’s only real business problems are the same ones that so many other businessmen make. He’s never thinks past the next election, much like too many businesses never think past the next quarter; and he’s forgotten the basic economic rule of supply and demand and has saturated his market-space.

So now the boy is left standing upon a stinking shitpile of his own making. He’s left with nothing to do but fling his shit at other people in the hopes to mask his own stench.

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Obama’s Narrative

Obama’s all about narrative, which makes sense since storytelling is just about his only skill of note and he has no factual accomplishments to draw upon in his bid to keep to keep his job and thereby keep Queen Michelle in the lifestyle she has so quickly become accustomed to.

Obama - King of Shit
That Which I Say is Gold Is Gold And I Say I’m Golden

The biggest problem is that his narrative stinks, which also make sense since Obama’s narrative is limited to telling the American people that shit is actually gold.

Face it, the boy’s spent over three years wallowing in his own shit and screaming and flinging shit at anyone and everyone who complained about the smell and the mess. He’s the King of Shit indeed and, unlike the reeking drivel he spews, that’s no tall tale. 😆

Come November, 2012 it’s time for America to flush!

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