Crazy Hot Faces

Some Crazy Hot Faces

Just some crazy hot girls’ faces to spice up your day. And, yes, ginger is the best spice, though redheads – gingers for those on the wrong side of the Atlantic – are normally as crazy as they are hot, so take in moderation. 😉

But, to forestall some of you blowing a gasket or three, let me make it clear that I don’t think there’s really a genetic component to their crazy. I just think that societal beliefs and the resulting expectations of them and allowances made for them end up making them crazy things. 😛

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I Was Drunk That Day

I Was Drunk That Day
Yeah, I Was Drunk That Day

Put aside the fact that this is/was a small dog. We all know that a lot of small dogs are insane and oddly successful in their madness. If you’re anything like me – and, if you’re a Gen-X guy, you probably are – this sums up a lot of incidents in your youth. 😆

A lot of us did some crazy and crazy dangerous stuff while completely drunk out of our minds. And, due to some odd synergy between alcohol and youth, we did them successfully, sometimes even with panache.

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Your Crazy Future Wife

Your Crazy Future Wife
Your Crazy Future Wife

Gentlemen, especially you younger, never married men, it’s not whether or not your future wife will be crazy. It’s about whether or not she’s the sort of crazy that you can love. If you find the right one, put a ring on her!

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Yeah Well, Florida

Yeah Well, Florida - We Needed Signs Like This
Yeah Well, Florida – We Needed Signs Like This

It’s equal parts funny and sad for me to say, but Florida – They need signs like that. And yeah, I was born and raised mostly in central Florida, the home of Florida Man and one of the epicenters of “Hold My Beer!” Believe me, given what I saw done and did myself, I can honestly say that signs like this were and are needed! 😆

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I Miss When…

I Miss When We Didn’t Have A Pedophiles As POTUS

Yeah, I agree with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R CO-3). President Trump may be crass and may have, at some times in his past, have made some fairly crude sexual comments, but he’s never been called “Creepy Uncle Donald” or “Donald ‘Bad Hands’ Trump.” So yeah, I too miss those apparently halcyon days when the man installed in the White House didn’t single out six-year-olds and compliment their legs while giving speeches.

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