Faces Of Halloween

Faces Of Halloween

I’d say that the 17th is close enough, especially since I really don’t celebrate Halloween for religious reasons. So, in the spirit of not being an ass about a secular celebration, here’s some striking Halloween faces to inspire your spooky side.

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Pumpkin Spice Enough

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Pumpkin Spice Enough For Me

Ah well. In the US at least, it’s Pumpkin Spice season. Worse for some of us, it comes earlier, is more ubiquitous, and last later every year. I know that the spice must flow, but these beautiful ginger babes are pumpkin spice enough for me.

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Easter Beauty

To celebrate Ēostrethat’d be Easter for you Christians – this year Reflections From A Murky Pond is adding to its Beautiful Faces Project.

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Something Better Than Eggs For Easter

More and for some metrics better things come in bright, Spring colors than painted eggs, after all and beautiful women with their hair colored in such decorative manners are certainly one of them.

Oh! And, Ēostre being a holy day that celebrates the return of life to the world and fertility, just like the Easter Bunny, the beauties above are most definitely evocative of a more natural egg hunt. 😉

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Angel Kisses

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Angel Kisses

It has been oft said in days gone by that freckles are the kisses of angels. Well, if there be even some small measure of truth in this, should we not all strive to behave as the angels do?

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Covered Beauty

Sometimes beauty is covered and thought to be hidden away from uncouth, unwanted, and strange eyes. This rarely works, for beauty will out and is much more often about how it is displayed rather than how much of it is so.

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Covered Beauty

On the downside, this tends to lead repressive cultures such as the Muslim World to enact even more stringent restrictions upon how women are allowed to dress. Saudi Arabia taking this to the logically correct – look at the images above! – but vile conclusion that even a woman’s eyes must be covered if they are deemed to be tempting.

On the upside, with war with various nations in the Mid-East – especially Iran – becoming more and more likely, there’s the benefit of Arab and Persian war brides. And yes, this is not only a benefit or upside, it’s the only truly good – evolutionarily speaking – reason for a foreign war.

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