Happy Easter Or Eostre

Happy Easter Or Eostre

I really don’t care if you celebrate the Christians’ Easter or the Pagans’ Eostre; here’s hoping you have a joyous Spring holiday filled with beauty and fun times.

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Happy Easter

Have A Happy Easter

Happy Easter! And please do remember that in its original, Pagan form Ä’ostre, it was and is a Spring fertility celebration. Hence, one could say that hunting for Easter eggs has a more enjoyable and adult meaning than normally used. 😉

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It’s Not All Demonic Sex

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It’s Not All Demonic Sex

Despite the historical belief that witches summon demons and devils for lascivious reasons, it’s not, and never has been, all about demonic sex. 😉

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And Happy Holi

As I wouldn’t want to be called “Eurocentric” or anything like that, I’d like to wish you all a slightly belated Happy Holi as well as Ä’ostre. Got to keep up with the multicultural ethic, after all.

And Happy Holi As Well

OK, OK! All sarcasm aside, I just plain forgot that yesterday was technically Holi. My wives and I actually celebrate this Hindu holiday but, like many such things in the States, when the holiday falls on a weekday the big celebrations and ceremonies are normally held on the nearest weekend. Hence, Sunday we’ll be having fun and getting colorful at this year’s Rangwali Holi.

And hey! Holi’s even more colorful than Ä’ostre.

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Easter Beauty

To celebrate Ä’ostrethat’d be Easter for you Christians – this year Reflections From A Murky Pond is adding to its Beautiful Faces Project.

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Something Better Than Eggs For Easter

More and for some metrics better things come in bright, Spring colors than painted eggs, after all and beautiful women with their hair colored in such decorative manners are certainly one of them.

Oh! And, Ä’ostre being a holy day that celebrates the return of life to the world and fertility, just like the Easter Bunny, the beauties above are most definitely evocative of a more natural egg hunt. 😉

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