Easter In 2023

Easter In 2023, As Always, It’s Egg Hunting Season

I really no longer care whether you call it Easter, Ostara, or Eostre. No matter whether you’re a Christian or one of the varieties of “Pagans” and/or “Heathens” in the West, it’s a Spring Holiday celebrating growth, rebirth, and fertility. So, go hunt some eggs!

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Too Late For Easter

Too Late For Easter
Too Late For Easter – Poor Bunny

Poor bunny. OUCH! But then, this sort of mistaken timing is bound to happen, since Easter is based upon a lunar-solar hybrid calendar – the date of Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox – whereas our normal, everyday calendar has been solely solar-based in the West since 45 BC!

But, as an odd side note, this poor bunny could have been saved this year by simply stating that you’re celebrating Easter under the auspices of the Eastern or Oriental Orthodox calendars. Easter this year for them is on the 24th of April, not the 17th. 😛

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Easter Egg Hunting

Easter Egg Hunting In 2022

‘Tis once again Easter. So, gentlemen, I do hope your ready, willing, and able to go egg hunting – and egg painting 😉 – today. After all, almost every single trapping and custom enjoyed during this Spring holiday is based upon Pagan fertility rites – or, neo-Pagan conceits. Either way though, Spring is the time for new life, the time for seed to sown in fertile fields.

And, for you Christians – yes, you should be celebrating the Resurrection instead of following the forms of Eostre’s rites. Yet, o scions of Noah, your God did command you in Genesis 1:26, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

So, given when in the year you celebrate your Christ’s Resurrection, now’s a good time to “get right with God.” 😆

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Of Bunnies, Eggs, & Spring

Of Bunnies, Eggs, & Spring AKA It’s Ä’ostre’s Day

While any link between the Christians’ Easter and the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Ä’ostre – now, often called Ostara by Neo-Pagans – may well only exists in St. Bede’s mind and writings, it’s still one of my favorite Christian-originated/Christian-appropriated holidays. How can I not love a holiday centered upon Spring and Fertility? 😆

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Easter In 2020 …

Easter In 2020 Feels A Bit Like That
Easter In 2020 Feels A Bit Like That

Oh yeah! Easter in 2020 ain’t like ones in the past. It feels a lot more like getting up close and personal with a facehugger. Worse, I’m not sure that 6ft is enough distancing to avoid their initial leap.

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