She's Not A Lesbian

She’s Not A Lesbian; She’s Just A Pirate

Don’t jump to conclusions. Indeed, don’t even always believe your lying – or lied to – eyes. She’s not a lesbian; she’s just a pirate, and all pirates love booty.

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Last Night's Fun

Here’s hoping you all enjoyed Halloween. No matter what you did – bar hopped as much as possible with the ongoing lock-downs, had a party at your home or someone else’s. went trick-or-treating (Yes, in my day adults went trick-or-treating after the kiddies went home 😉 ), or just stayed in – I hope last night’s fun was all you wanted it to be.

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She Listened To My PSA

She Listened To My PSA and chose a sexy costume of something that nobody would consider sexy
She Listened To My PSA

I do so love it when people read and comply with the PSAs and suggestions I make. In this case, this fine Desi babe obviously chose her Halloween costume with my costuming and cosplay suggestion firmly in mind. 😆 😆 😈

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Early Halloween Fun

With Halloween being a Sunday this year, it’s my guess that we’ll end up having early Halloween fun starting tonight and carrying through the weekend, with Sunday being mostly early and mostly for the kids. And, you know what? I’m 100% A-OK with that.

Beside, Trick-or-Treating Is Going To Be Awkward Again

Given that trick-or-treating this Sunday is once again going to be awkward and fear-filled – and not in a fun, spooky way – it’s probably for the best that we get a couple of days of more adult fun to fortify ourselves with before taking on this particular challenge.

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Treat Yourselves

It’s Halloween soon. And the last almost two years have been largely horrific. Treat yourselves. Have some fun even, as is the case for most people, you won’t be going anyplace on the holiday or celebrating like you used to.

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