Spooktacular & Spookgasmic

Spooktacular & Spookgasmic Times

Spooktacular and spookgasmic times are once again upon us. In my personal opinion and experience, this gives many of the best kind of shivers. 😛

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Spooky Times

Spooky Times
Spooky Times = Sexy Times

I don’t really know why spooky times equal sexy times, but they do. In point of fact, they have since mid-12th century Venice, with the origins of the Venice Carnival. And, by the 18th century, the phenomenon had truly reached a point of debauchery and sexual “excess” as it spread across Europe.

But Ours Is Not To Reason Why

But, the reasons for spooky times oft becoming sexy times is not such a pressing concern as to force one to go into a lot of research. We only need to enjoy it for what it is. 😛

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Halloween Calendar

The Halloween Calendar
The Halloween Calendar

It’s getting close to Halloween – closer than I planned for this post, but life is what it is. But, this does mean it time – past time actually – to start the active counterattack against the yearly Christmas Creep.

This Is Halloween!

So, as all can plainly see, the Halloween calendar, measured as it is in jack-o-lantern decomposition, covers the year. Hence, it’s always some variant or sequence position of Halloween. 😆

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So Finally, It's Halloween

So Finally, It’s Halloween

So finally, it’s Halloween – though most of the adult fun was probably accomplished on Friday and Saturday nights. Enjoy this spooky, sexy, night.

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Halloween Weekend

Halloween, Not Christmas
It’s Halloween Weekend

‘Tis now Halloween weekend’ so we won’t be kicking the Christmas crowd back into their hole for much longer. Just a few more boots to fat bellies before we can rest with our sweet, sweet spoils.

At last! ROFLMAO It’s time to start the sexy, spooky debauchery. Time to love the black and orange, and indulge in sweet treats and drunken excess.

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