I Was Drunk That Day

I Was Drunk That Day
Yeah, I Was Drunk That Day

Put aside the fact that this is/was a small dog. We all know that a lot of small dogs are insane and oddly successful in their madness. If you’re anything like me – and, if you’re a Gen-X guy, you probably are – this sums up a lot of incidents in your youth. 😆

A lot of us did some crazy and crazy dangerous stuff while completely drunk out of our minds. And, due to some odd synergy between alcohol and youth, we did them successfully, sometimes even with panache.

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A Sailor’s Plaint

As a veteran of the Navy myself and as a man who grew up on and around the sea, I can and do agree with Mr. Hargraves’ complaint.

An objection to comparing Obama to a drunken sailor
Obama Is Not Like A Drunken Sailor

Neither Obama nor Congress spends money like a drunken sailor because a sailor, drunk or not, quits when they run out of their money. No, Obama and Congress spend money like crack or meth heads needing their next fix. When they run out of money, they just steal more.

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