Pothole Season

Pothole Season
It’s Pothole Season

Folks, it’s pothole season again. Check the state of your fishing licenses – cuz the State will have it’s due, right or not – and what this years regulations and catch limits are. 😉

Florida Pothole Risks

And, a friendly reminder to my brethren and sistren still in Florida – do remember to toss a mumbled chicken leg or a marshmallow in that pothole first to make sure someone’s not already using it. 😉

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Yeah Well, Florida

Yeah Well, Florida - We Needed Signs Like This
Yeah Well, Florida – We Needed Signs Like This

It’s equal parts funny and sad for me to say, but Florida – They need signs like that. And yeah, I was born and raised mostly in central Florida, the home of Florida Man and one of the epicenters of “Hold My Beer!” Believe me, given what I saw done and did myself, I can honestly say that signs like this were and are needed! 😆

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