China Ignores Climate Change

China Ignores Climate Change
China Ignores Climate Change

That’s the actual truth. China ignores Climate Change because China doesn’t fear Climate Change since they already have what most people still think of as a Communist government. And their lack of fear is sensible and right since there has never been a single piece of Climate Change legislation, treaties, or anything that didn’t explicitly exempt China from inclusion or enforcement. And this is despite the fact that China is the largest “climate polluter,” making up approximately 30% of global emissions, more than the combined output of American and European Union as a whole.

But titularly Communist nations like China and the various Socialist nations – admittedly, most of them are “Developing” nations – always seem to get a pass when it to anyone’s, especially the UN’s, anti-AGW efforts. This is because reversing or mitigating Climate Change has never been the primary point of Climate Activism at the geopolitical level. It’s always been about wealth redistribution and lowering Western people’s living standards in order to combat “income inequality.” It’s always been about Global Socialism as a pathway to eventual Global Communism.

Those of you who believe in Climate Change as it has been presenteda hoax-in-detail can still be true in broader context – should really be much, much more pissed off at this than the rest of us. Your fears are the ones being manipulated in order to achieve something other than the salvation you believe they’re striving for. Really! You’re trying to save the planet, even if it means great sacrifice, and the politicians and global agencies you’re supporting are trying to further an economic agenda instead of an environmental one. You should be so pissed off about that.

Think about it. What’s the best alternative? That they’re not trying for wealth redistribution, but are merely exempting China, a resource and manufacturing powerhouse, so that Western nations can outsource their emissions there, thereby lowering their numbers and meeting their emission goals?

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It's A Very Special Easter

It’s A Very Special Easter This Year

2023’s Easter is a bit more special than normal. It’s Easter in the Year of the Rabbit! Seems like a good time to put any sinophobia you might – understandably, given what been going on throughout the last three years – have aside and diligently go hunting some Asian eggs. 😆

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An Alternative Theory

An Alternative Theory On That Balloon
An Alternative Theory On That Balloon

At the risk of being marginalized as a conspiracy theorist by our domestic enemies, the Democrats, likely Democrats, and other sub-normal sorts within our nation’s borders, I would like to present an alternative theory on that balloon which Biden and Co. blamed on the Chinese.

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Chinese Spy Balloon

Chinese Spy Balloon
That Pesky Chinese Spy Balloon

Ah yes. The Chinese released a spy balloon… again. And it floated across the continental US at some great height and to little to no intelligence gathering purpose. China’s ever-growing array of spy satellites over America have got that covered and much more effectively so.

C’mon, Folks! Three of these gas bags traversed the US during President Trump’s presidency and the DOD didn’t even consider it worth mentioning to the Commander-in-Chief. Admittedly, that could have been the Deep State engaging in a quiet mutiny, but was more likely just a case of them not feeling that it was worth of response from him. As for how many floated over us during Obama’s time? We’ll likely never know. The only reason we know about the one’s during President Trump’s tenure is the MSM’s need for whataboutism when it could harm the President’s rightful reinstatement as POTUS.

That balloon may have been filled with helium, but this manufactured crisis is full of hot air. 😉

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The Year Of The Rabbit

The Year Of The Rabbit
Its The Year Of The Rabbit

Today is the Asian Lunar New Year and the beginning of the Year Of The Rabbit.

So… Relax, Think Happy Thoughts, Get Lucky, And Make Some Babies?

Yes, in China and across most of Asia, this now the Year Of The Rabbit, specifically the Water Rabbit. It is considered the luckiest zodiac year, characterized by peaceful and patient energy, good luck, creativity, and fertility.

But, in Vietnam, It’s The Year Of The Cat

As I wrote though, it’s the Year Of The Rabbit across most of Asia. In Vietnam – possibly because of odd crossovers between the pronunciation of rabbit in Mandarin and the written form in Kmer; possibly because the Vietnamese have a longstanding and not unexpected bias against the Chinese – this is the start of the Year Of The Cat.

So, so as to both limit Chinese cultural tyranny and to make some inroads against my own personal anti-Vietnamese bias, here’s some fine cats as well. After all, 50 years is a bit long to hang on to that level of hate. 😉

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