Chinese Spy Balloon

Chinese Spy Balloon
That Pesky Chinese Spy Balloon

Ah yes. The Chinese released a spy balloon… again. And it floated across the continental US at some great height and to little to no intelligence gathering purpose. China’s ever-growing array of spy satellites over America have got that covered and much more effectively so.

C’mon, Folks! Three of these gas bags traversed the US during President Trump’s presidency and the DOD didn’t even consider it worth mentioning to the Commander-in-Chief. Admittedly, that could have been the Deep State engaging in a quiet mutiny, but was more likely just a case of them not feeling that it was worth of response from him. As for how many floated over us during Obama’s time? We’ll likely never know. The only reason we know about the one’s during President Trump’s tenure is the MSM’s need for whataboutism when it could harm the President’s rightful reinstatement as POTUS.

That balloon may have been filled with helium, but this manufactured crisis is full of hot air. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Indicting Hillary?

Periodically the news ripples slightly with news of federal agencies investigating Hillary Clinton and her staff about her use of an unsecured, private email server to conduct classified State Department business. Each time there’s a ripple various and sundry people rub their hands together and salivate, believing she’ll be indicted and possibly even convicted of one or more high crimes against America.

Even If Hilllary Was Indicted
Even If Hillary Was Indicted…

Ah hope – it springs eternal in the breasts of men and is itself the wellspring of despair and disillusionment.

In this case and in this time Hillary Clinton is untouchable. She’s got a get out jail free card. She’s not only a Democrat, she’s the in-all-but-name Democrat Nominee for the 2016 Presidential Election. As every member of every agency that is supposedly investigating her is employed at the pleasure of Obama, Hillary will not be indicted until and unless a Republican is in the Oval Office.

Really! Can anyone in America truly believe that Obama would allow such a thing to happen to Hillary? No matter whatever the boy’s personal feeling about the Clintons might be, he’d never scuttle the Dems’ best and only hope to keep the White House. Hillary could literally hold the young women down while Bill raped them and Obama would do his level best to not let it affect her campaign.

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The Other H-Bomb

Many of my fellow Americans seem to believe or, at least fervently hope and devoutly pray, that the ongoing, broadening, and deepening scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s criminal misuse of email while serving her assignment as Obama’s Secretary of State will be the bomb that blows her and the Democrats chances at the White House to burning, bloody gobbets of Hell-fated meat.

Hillary's E-Mail H-BombHillary’s Emails – The Other H-Bomb

Perhaps I’m too cynical, but I believe that bomb is a dud, already defused by the coalition of the Obama Regime and their Lamestream media. Hence, it will little to no bearing upon either Hillary’s preordained status as the Democrats’ 2016 Presidential Nominee or her campaign after to secure the Presidency.

In my opinion, as they say, “The fix is in.” Oh, they’ll let Bernie run a race against Her, but they’re not going to do anything to give him a shot at beating her, especially if it would either disqualify Hillary from holding office or so damage her chances that nominating her would be political suicide.

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Stopping The leaks

I’m very much not a Fan of Edward Snowden and hope, probably in vain, that he’s assassinated by government but there’s an ironic truth to this.

Snowden v. Obama
If We Want To Keep Our Nation’s Secrets a Secret…

It does seem that they only thing the Obama Regime can keep a secret is anything to do with Obama’s past.

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Gadsen 2.0?

With the ongoing, though very polite and low-key, news about the Obama Regimes extensive spying upon US citizens’ communications one would reasonably think that one might expect an update to the old Gadsen Flag.

Don't Spy On Me
Gadsen 2.0? Don’t Spy On Me?

Sadly, such seemingly reasonable expectations are quite wrong. There has been and won’t be any real and widespread dissent, nor significant coverage of what dissent there is and will be, against Obama’s Regime over this matter.

The reasons for this are as simple as they are heinous:

  • Only the farthest Leftward and most anarchical Liberals will speak out against anything the The First Black President does.
  • The Liberals have been indoctrinate to hate Americans, especially the GOP, and will not do anything under any circumstances that places themselves in agreement with them.
  • Any American who does speak out against the Obama Regime’s behavior is discounted and derided by the Liberals and their Lamestream media as racists.
  • The Lamestream media long ago abrogated their responsibilities and are now nothing but the propaganda arm of the Democrat party and, hence, the Obama Regime.

So, whether it is spying upon Americans or murdering them, the Liberals will only raise the softest and quietest of protests and will try their best to excuse the actions of the Obama Regime by blamingร‚ย  the “need” for its behaviors upon the Republican party and, if at all possible, former President Bush Jr..

Don’t worry though; they won’t let this stop them from going insane over exactly the same actions when there’s a Republican POTUS or even possibly a White Democrat one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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