Stopping The leaks

I’m very much not a Fan of Edward Snowden and hope, probably in vain, that he’s assassinated by government but there’s an ironic truth to this.

Snowden v. Obama
If We Want To Keep Our Nation’s Secrets a Secret…

It does seem that they only thing the Obama Regime can keep a secret is anything to do with Obama’s past.

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3 Responses to “Stopping The leaks”

  1. FX Phillips Says:

    At this point no one in power has the balls to find out about Obama because if it is ever revealed who he actually is and the complete fraud that was perpetrated right under the nose of these avatars of wisdom the best they would be able to hope for is tar and feathers.

    Obama was,is and always will be a fraud and the bien pensant pseudo intelligentsia fell for it hook line and sinker.

    He spoke in dulcid and moderate tones to the public and the way to willing to go along faux civility crowd on the right who are more interested in style than substance. They ignored his history and actions all so they would not be branded racist all to be branded as such the first time they objected to his totalitarian bent and then they stepped right back in line and tried to convince us that are eyes were lying to us.

    Thus because of these cowards the dark knight of social and economic fascism begins to descend.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Certainly that’s true of the motivation of many of them. For others, however, the motivation for not allowing Obama’s past to be discovered is simply that he’s a Black and must not be allowed to fail.

  3. FX Phillips Says:

    In the eyes of any objective observer he has not failed as his goal to turn this country into a third world basket case has continued a pace.

    So you are correct they need to allow these programs to become completely integrated into the American psyche to the point where they can make the dubious claim that undoing them will cause untold havoc and harm.

    Of course when they their implemented these programs they did the exact same thing and upset mutually agreed on arrangements(see Obamacare) and cared not one fig about the chaos they caused.

    This of course is conveniently forgotten as for liberals history begins when they wake up in the morning.(Thank Ms Coulter)

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