Obama’s Income Gap

Obama InsecureIn his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, Obama is fully expected to make income inequality, as an example of the evils of the wealthy, the centerpiece of his address. He’s expected to expound upon the income gap and how he’s going to fix it.

The thing is, going by statistics provided by the US Census Bureau, the boy’s first, best option to closing the income gap would be to leave office or, failing that, to shut up and get back on the golf course where he can cause less harm.

Since under Obama’s “guidance” and his and his Liberals’ policies America’s income gap has risen faster than it did under either of the last two POTUS’s and has reached its highest level since the Census started recording it back in 1947, maybe it’s time for the master of the shuck and jive to tap dance his way off the public stage.

Obama's Income Gap - The Worst Ever
Income Gap Soars Under Obama

What’s really going to suck for Obama is that he can’t really blame President Bush. The income cap was flat during his tenure in the White House, not that this will stop Obama from blaming him and anyone else that he fears, loathes, or hates that he can.

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One Response to “Obama’s Income Gap”

  1. FX Phillips Says:

    Do you think Obama will expose the real “income gap”?

    You know the one where the economies of the counties surrounding our profligate federal leviathan government have far outstripped the economies of those not in direct contact with FEDLEVGOV.

    This calls for massive redistribution in the way of tax cuts to be left in the hands of those who inhabit these non-politically connected hinterlands and take the money and power out of the hands of the real 1% -those who wield government power to coerce the means of production.

    They claimed fascism couldn’t happen here. Look around kids it’s here!

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