Turning Up The Heat

Yep. It’s still cold as Hel’s realm out there, so sweaters are still the uniform of the day. Fortunately, that’s not really a bad thing at all.

Maria Brink turns up the heat in that sweater
Maria Brink’s Turning Up The Heat

New York based rocker babe, Maria Brink of In This Moment, is certainly displaying one of the better ways to turn up the heat with a sweater. 😉

Of course, this fine, blonde heavy metal singer also warms things up quite well and nicely in a shawl.

Maria Brink in a shawl

Stay warm, everyone! Remember that Winter is to be lived, not just endured and it’s the best time of year for indoor recreation. 😉

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3 Responses to “Turning Up The Heat”

  1. Soylent Green Says:

    That there is why I started to play guitar 40 years ago.

  2. francisco Says:

    who is that vixen?

  3. jonolan Says:

    That’s Maria Brink.

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