Graham Schools Holder

I don’t always wholeheartedly agree with Sen. Lindsey Graham’s position, nor do I always agree with how he goes about speaking to those positions and against those of the opposition; he is often overly vitriolic, hyperbolic, and antagonistic. Sometimes though, it’s a true joy to watch him cut loose on some poor, deluded fool who has no knowledge or understanding of the matters at hand.

His teaching remedial law and civil rights under that law to Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder is one of those times.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Teaches Law To A. G. Eric Holder

Sen. Graham spells it out in small words – ones that even Obama’s boy, Holder should be able to understand – what the problem is with President Obama – through Holder – trying terrorists like the vermin, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in a American civilian court of law.

If we’re going to use federal court as a disposition for terrorists, you take everything that comes with being in federal court. And what comes with being in federal court is that the rules in this country, unlike military law, you can have military operations, you can interrogate somebody for military intelligence purposes and the law enforcement rights do not attach. But under domestic criminal law, the moment the person is in the hands of the United States Government, they’re entitled to be told they have a right to a lawyer and can remain silent.

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

It is a great shame that neither President Obama nor Attorney General Holder seem capable of understanding those simple, American truths. One way or another and no matter how the travesty of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s trial turns out, the harm these two will likely wreak upon America, if they are not stopped, is staggering.

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4 Responses to “Graham Schools Holder”

  1. J.D.F. Says:

    I personally think if we give up our core beliefs for the benefit of one small gain, we will in the end create our Achilles heel and far more damage if not destroy our nation and what it originally was built for. So betraying our nation’s ethics, putting more faith in military rule than democratic rule has far more scary implications than the reverse. However, with that said, it is also unnerving to think this man would have a lawyer or be able to remain silent. Though I think the latter would likely happen anyway. A part of me wants to beat the crap out of him and any and all those responsible for evils out there. BUT I also remind myself, even the most heinous of villains – serial killers, child murders, rapists…etc. They all get lawyers, and usually (though not always), justice does happen. We cannot stop believing in that and supporting it – or we will lose it all together. Where it fails, we must find ways to fix it… but we cannot abandon it.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I think you miss my point, J.D.F. Holder sounded like he was convinced that these vermin would be convicted in a civilian court. How can this rightly be when no part of their treatment to-date not the methods used to get evidence against them are valid in said court system?

    So… Either they’ll be acquitted on said grounds – which would be a catastrophe for America’s security, or they’ll be found guilty despite all the violations of their “civil rights” under civilian justice – which would create a legal precedent that would be equally catastrophic.

  3. J.D.F Says:

    Sorry, now I understand where you are coming from. Ok. Your reply makes it a bit clearer and I do see the conundrum. – thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

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