Obama Trying Bush

There is often both truth and wisdom to be found in humor. Both are found in full measure in Glenn McCoy’s cartoon about the reasons that President Obama and his lackey, Attorney General Eric Holder want to enact the dangerous travesty of trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his subhuman, Islamist ilk in civilian courts.

Obama: So We Can Finally Bring George Bush To Justice - Glenn McCoy
…So We Can Finally Bring George Bush To Justice

But hey! What can else can one expect from President Obama and his coterie? The boy got himself elected as the POTUS by running a successful Presidential campaign against the “lame duck” incumbent, President George Bush, Jr. – and he has blamed every one of his many failures and pathetic inadequacies upon the man since then. This is just Obama’s next logical step. 😉

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Graham Schools Holder

I don’t always wholeheartedly agree with Sen. Lindsey Graham’s position, nor do I always agree with how he goes about speaking to those positions and against those of the opposition; he is often overly vitriolic, hyperbolic, and antagonistic. Sometimes though, it’s a true joy to watch him cut loose on some poor, deluded fool who has no knowledge or understanding of the matters at hand.

His teaching remedial law and civil rights under that law to Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder is one of those times.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Teaches Law To A. G. Eric Holder

Sen. Graham spells it out in small words – ones that even Obama’s boy, Holder should be able to understand – what the problem is with President Obama – through Holder – trying terrorists like the vermin, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in a American civilian court of law.

If we’re going to use federal court as a disposition for terrorists, you take everything that comes with being in federal court. And what comes with being in federal court is that the rules in this country, unlike military law, you can have military operations, you can interrogate somebody for military intelligence purposes and the law enforcement rights do not attach. But under domestic criminal law, the moment the person is in the hands of the United States Government, they’re entitled to be told they have a right to a lawyer and can remain silent.

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

It is a great shame that neither President Obama nor Attorney General Holder seem capable of understanding those simple, American truths. One way or another and no matter how the travesty of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s trial turns out, the harm these two will likely wreak upon America, if they are not stopped, is staggering.

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