The Baby Killer Lies

Kronos devouls his own children. It's quite reminiscent of Obama's views on children and abortionWhite House Senior Adviser David Axelrod said that President Obama will “intervene” to ensure that the Stupak Amendment is stripped from any Health Insurance Reconstruction bill that makes it through Congress.

This is, of course, completely to be expected. President Obama is and has always been a fervent, passionate, and staunch proponent of elective on-demand abortions for any and all reasons or excuses.

Straight from Obama’s mouthpiece at the White House:

White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod suggested Sunday that President Obama will intervene to make sure a controversial amendment restricting federal funding for abortion coverage is stripped from final health care reform legislation.

In doing so, the president would be heeding the call of abortion rights supporters like Planned Parenthood that have called the White House their “strongest weapon” in keeping such restrictions out of the bill.

Obama has always maintained a 100% NARAL rating and pioneered legislation to ensure that even children who somehow survived being aborted would be murderedeven if it meant leaving them to die on shelves in a utility room or tossing into the trash bin while they were still alive.

You know, I laid out a very simple principle, which is this is a health care bill, not an abortion bill. And we’re not looking to change what is the principle that has been in place for a very long time, which is federal dollars are not used to subsidize abortions. And I want to make sure that the provision that emerges meets that test — that we are not in some way sneaking in funding for abortions, but, on the other hand, that we’re not restricting women’s insurance choices, because one of the pledges I made in that same speech was to say that if you’re happy and satisfied with the insurance that you have, that it’s not going to change.

— President Obama
ABC News Interview, Nov. 9, 2009

This was a good a valid sounding statement from President Barack “The Baby Killer” Obama. It eloquently and succinctly summed up the quandary facing both the Legislative and Executive branches of America’s federal government. Unsurprisingly it didn’t take long for this particular POTUS to turn it into just another of his lies concerning healthcare “reform” and abortion / infanticide.

Go ahead and look, Liberals! It’s what you condone and endorse. They’re not people after all…

With the Stupak Amendment attached to it, ObamaCare is not an “abortion bill” and the status quo regarding the federal government spending American’s tax dollars to subsidize abortion / infanticide is maintained. Without the Stupak Amendment ObamaCare is very much an abortion / infanticide bill since any federal subsidy or “affordability credit” given to an insurance plan that covers abortions is both a violation of the Hyde Amendment and a decided change in the status quo.

The only significant difference between President Obama and “Dr.” George “Baby Killer” Tiller, aside from Obama still having a pulse, is that Obama has never performed an abortion with his own hands.

No; this doesn’t mean anyone should execute Obama. While I can understand the desire to do so in order to save America’s children, it would serve no valid pragmatic purpose. He, like President Kennedy, would be made a martyr and his agenda, most likely en total, would be made into law.

Remember that only the Liberals have anything to gain from Obama’s assassination and then only if they can either setup an American to do it or frame one for it.

Americans must fight against President Obama’s “intervention.” Any and all means that offer some hope of success must be used to ensure that whatever health insurance takeover bill that reaches President Obama’s desk includes the Stupak Amendment or another amendment that serves the same legal purpose.

We may fail in this endeavor; the odds are certainly not in America’s children’s favor. But, if we do not fight against this with our property, our effort, and – if needs be and the Devils will out – our flesh, then we are just as culpable for those children’s murders as the creatures who scald them with caustics or cut them apart while they’re still alive.

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11 Responses to “The Baby Killer Lies”

  1. ichabod Says:

    Hi jonolan;

    I believe that seeing some of these pictures may bring people to reality and I have no doubt you will get some heat over this.

    It has come up in my life when I was young, the woman wanting me to sign some type of form allowing for an abortion. I couldn’t do it.

    “I’ll marry you and we will do it right, and we may have a wonderful family. If you don’t want that, I’ll provide for you and the child, if you don’t want that, I’ll look after the baby myself.”

    That was the last time I heard of it or saw her, she went on her way. I honestly do not know what happened. I do not regret my response.

  2. jonolan Says:

    There is some infinitesimal hope that seeing some of these pictures may bring people to reality but I truly doubt it. People are just to skilled at rejecting facts that don’t support their beliefs.

    I have no doubt, however, that you are right in your assertion that that I will get some “heat” directed my way over posting them – and over the totality of the post in general.

  3. zhann Says:

    While I can’t say that I am overly fond of abortions in general, I have still to hear a valid alternative. For arguments sake, lets assume that we could outlaw abortions and that this law could also be enforced. What would happen? Give that some thought.

    In reality, however, even if a law was passed outlawing abortion, it doesn’t take a giant leap of logic to see that this would simply become an underground practice. This would be terrible for society. Teenage pregnancies would skyrocket, and society as a whole would suffer. While it is a despicable practice, there truly is no viable alternative.

    Oh, an those adamant abortion advocates, some of which are quite militant … personally, I think that they are not only hurting their cause, but are complete hypocrites. I know that divorce rates are highest in bible belt states, I wouldn’t be surprised if abortions were too.

  4. Jay Burns Says:


    Do you know what the average wait is in the United States for a couple wishing to adopt a baby in the United States? I do. It’s 4 years. There are literally thousands of couples currently adopting overseas, because there are very few infants available for adoption in the states.

    If abortion were outlawed the babies would be placed in loving homes instead of murdered. Doesn’t seem too dificult of a decision to me.

  5. lynn Says:

    i do not condone abortion with a few exceptions. personally i found the images you posted to be of poor taste. nevertheless, it is aboslutely your right to post whatever you choose and i support that. you are brave to publish this post and i commend you for treading in waters that are so tumultuous. lots of folks like myself tend to shy away from such topics. peace.

  6. lynn Says:

    btw, this is an awesome feature of your blog. iw as able to correct a spelling mistake by editing my comment. how cool is that? i havent seen that feature before.

  7. jim Says:

    I hope the opinion of people here lets a mother save her own life before being forced to have a child that may kill her. One thought from someone on the other side of the debate (this should be thought provoking). When does life start?? The answer is that it never ended. I came from a single egg and sperm that were ALIVE; my parents were the same and so were theirs. IF there had been a stop to life in my line i would not be here. Life doesn’t start and stop. All of us whom are alive have cell lineages that have not failed for billions of years. If there was one parent, ancestor, or previous species that I descended in my lineage that died before passing on there genes I WOULD NOT BE HERE. Please explain when life starts? Also, conception is a 24-48 hour process….go ahead and pick some arbitrary moment to call the beginning of life. Also, consider that thre of four conceptions fail and are naturally aborted. A fetus doesn’t suffer (that i know of) but i know a mother can suffer. If a mother is going to suffer then she should have the right to do what it takes to alleviate that suffering (not by using aborting as a for of birth control). The one body that she has is HERS and should NOT be forced by anyone on what she can do with her body, even if the MAJORITY of Americans think otherwise.

  8. jonolan Says:


    Jay pretty much summed up the core of a valid alternative. It’s made even easier these days since agencies are more willing to place minority infants with White adoptive parents, something they used to refuse to do out of a fear of “cultural genocide.”

    As for abortion turning into an underground practice if it is outlawed – Murder, Rape, Slavery, and a plethora of reprehensible practices and acts have been outlawed by society and they too are now “underground” activities. That hasn’t, too a large extent, caused people to want to decriminalize them.

    As for it being disastrous for society – No. It would force American society to change, to revert from its current hyper-promiscuous model and its belief in sex without fear of consequence, but that would hardly be disastrous, nor would American society be unable to adjust to it.

    In any event though, zhann, that’s all beyond the scope of Stupak Amendment which merely wants to ensure that the existing Hyde Amendment’s restrictions are applied to the federal government’s proposed vastly increased scope of involvement in healthcare.


    Firstly, thanks for stopping by.

    How so in poor taste? I don’t see it as in poor taste to show images of the outcome of an act. I do admit that they’re glaring and upsetting, but so is the topic at hand.

    I tend to not just tread, but dive into such tumultuous waters. It’s my nature.

    The plug-in you’re so understandably happy with is WP Ajax Edit Comments by Ajay D’Souza and Ronald Huereca. I find it invaluable and highly recommend it.


    To the best of my knowledge nobody here advocates outlawing abortions when the life or physical health of the mother is at risk. Indeed, I know of very few in America as a whole who hold such an opinion. It is certainly beyond the scope of the Stupak Amendment.

    As for the rest of your comment – It does make me think, but only to to think and wonder in saddened awe just how far afield from reality abortionists will go to justify their heinous acts to others and to themselves. It’s not murder because genes have passed down the centuries?

  9. zhann Says:

    Jonolan, I would have never pegged you as an idealist. Convincing American’s to be less promiscuous will be even harder than convincing them to stop watching TV and go outside. This isn’t going to happen. In an ideal world, I agree that this is a better solution, unfortunately our world is far from ideal.

    Your comparison of abortion to murder, rape and so on is unfair. They are entirely different practices. I know, abortion is murder, but I revert to my original argument, there is no viable alternative.

    As for Jay’s alternative, this is a case of elementary mathematics. How many abortions are done in a day? According to wiki answers, the number in the USA alone is 3,700 (1,350,000 per year). Now, how many children are adopted anually? According to Child Welfare, within 2 years about 125,000. So, if the waiting list were emptied that is approximately another 250,000. While Jay’s response seems like a good one, it is far from thought through. Even if we assume that there will be a 75% decrease in pregnancies resulting from outlawing abortion (which will never happen), our orphanages would be strained to the limit within a year or two and society will be hit hard.

    I know it sounds like I am all for abortion, but honestly I am not. I feel that this is a terrible aspect of humanity, one of many, but in our current state we really have no viable alternative.

  10. jonolan Says:


    I’m not so much of an idealist as I am someone who recognizes that changes will happen as reactions to stimuli. In the case of abortion, if it were outlawed – not on the table as an option right now – it would result in a drop in promiscuity, since many people would see that as the easier and safer option than “risking” either parenthood or an illegal abortion.

    It’s called Social Engineering and it works, whether we like it or not, both for Liberal and Conservative changes.

    I find my comparison quite apt and fair, zhann. Indeed, your position and complaint don’t make sense to me. If abortion is the murder – and you, yourself wrote, “I know, abortion is murder” – of an innocent baby, than it is comparable – though probably worse – than more “normal” murders, and to rape and slavery.

    You can’t have it both ways, zhann. If you believe that abortion is murder then you hold that it is comparable to other felonies.

    On the alternatives – All I can easily say is that it worked before, both in America and in other countries who had for decades completely outlawed abortion. Societies did not collapse because people behaved differently.

  11. zhann Says:

    While I agree that abortion is in effect murdering babies, your comparison isn’t valid for two reasons. First, abortion is legal and second abortion is an accepted societal practice. It is obviously not accepted by all, but it is accepted by the majority.

    Returning to the alternatives, while I don’t have any studies in front of me as proof, the reasons societies didn’t suffer when abortion wasn’t legal was because it was always practiced in an alley. Abortion has been around for millenia, and will not simply go away. Regulating something that people consider their right simply pushes it underground … alcohol seems to come to mind.

    The only solution I can see is simply do what you think is right for yourself and don’t interfere in another persons life. As long as someone actions aren’t directly effecting you in a negative way, why do you care? People aren’t asking you to perform the abortion, all they want is to be left alone. This same argument goes for smoking pot, crazy sex acts and the like … nobody likes being told how to live, especially when their actions aren’t physically bothering anyone else.

    … personally, I think that organized Religion (lets use Scientology as an example) is far worse for society than abortion ever could be, but I am not going to preach the abolition of Religion simply on the basis of logic.

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