Did A’isha Weep?

Muhammad and Aisha Did the young Arab girl A’isha weep when Muhammad mounted her and tore though her virginity and any semblance of innocence she might have retained at that point? Did she cry bitter tears when, at the age of nine (some apologists say 12 – 14) the middle-aged founder of Islam first used her?

Humanity will never know; it’s never been a safe question ask.  The mere allusion to Muhammad’s debased pedophilia is enough to get one savagely murdered in some noisome quarters of the world. Soon it may be risky across the globe if mankind falters and the Islamists get their way.

I think it safe to say that at least one of the young girls going though this same rape and torment in this supposedly enlightened age will be weeping, screaming, and pleading for her “husband” to stop when he gets the urge to rut in her. Sadly, her cries will be unheeded by the vermin on top of her, the rest of the nest of them around her, and seemingly most of mankind as well, who will shake their heads but take no action beyond that.

A Saudi mother is expected to appeal a judge’s ruling after he once again refused to let her 8-year-old daughter divorce a 47-year-old man, a relative said.

Sheikh Habib Al-Habib made the ruling Saturday in the Saudi city of Onaiza. Late last year, he rejected a petition to annul the marriage.

The case, which has drawn criticism from local and international rights groups, came to light in December when Al-Habib declined to annul the marriage on a legal technicality. His dismissal of the mother’s petition sparked outrage and made headlines around the world.

The judge said the mother, who is separated from the girl’s father, was not the legal guardian and therefore could not represent her daughter, the mother’s lawyer, Abdullah al-Jutaili, said at the time.

The girl’s husband pledged not to consummate the marriage until the girl reaches puberty, according to al-Jutaili, who added that the girl’s father arranged the marriage to settle his debts with the man, who is considered “a close friend.”

In March, an appeals court in the Saudi capital of Riyadh declined to certify the original ruling, in essence rejecting al-Habib’s verdict, and sent the case back to al-Habib for reconsideration.

Under the Saudi legal process, the appeals court ruling meant that the marriage was still in effect, but that a challenge to the marriage was still ongoing.

The relative, who said the girl’s mother will continue to pursue a divorce, told CNN the judge “stuck by his earlier verdict and insisted that the girl could petition the court for a divorce once she reached puberty.”

The appeals court in Riyadh will take up the case again and a hearing is scheduled for next month, according to the relative.

Child marriages have made news in Saudi Arabia in the past year.

In a statement issued shortly after the original verdict, the Society of Defending Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia said the judge’s decision went against children’s “basic rights.”

Marrying children makes them “lose their sense of security and safety,” the group said. “Also, it destroys their feeling of being loved and nurtured. It causes them a lifetime of psychological problems and severe depression.”

Zuhair al-Harithi, a spokesman for the Saudi Human Rights Commission, a government-run group, told CNN that his organization was fighting child marriages.

“Child marriages violate international agreements that have been signed by Saudi Arabia and should not be allowed,” al-Harithi said.

Child marriage is not unusual, said Christoph Wilcke, a Saudi Arabian researcher for the international group Human Rights Watch, after the initial verdict.

“We’ve been hearing about these types of cases once every four or five months because the Saudi public is now able to express this kind of anger, especially so when girls are traded off to older men,” Wilcke told CNN.

Mohammed Jamjoom
Reporting for  CNN, April 12, 2009

This is the sort of thing that humans find sickening. Some misborn mockery of a man can’t pay his debts, so he sells off his daughter to another subhuman piece of filth for the purpose of slaking its perverted lusts.

When the girl pleads for protection from the upcoming serial rape, what passes for a court system in Saudi Arabia declares that she’s too young to understand divorce and so must remain “married” to the vermin until she reaches puberty.

That’s Arabs for you. The girl’s too young to understand divorce, but not too young to be bred by some sweating, filthy, creature who mocks mankind by his piss poor aping of them.

And, of course, when the girl’s mother tries to get the Saudi courts to see something akin to reason, Sheikh Habib Al-Habib declares that she has no standing with the court and that the state-sanctioned rape and enslavement of her daughter will proceed.

Of course, under Shari’a – the law as laid down by Muhammad – such villainy is fully condoned, so one must expect any mouthings issued from the maws of al-Qummal like Sheikh Habib Al-Habib to fully support pedophilia and the selling of young girls into bondage.

While this is something that everyone has come to expect from what the Arabs try to pass off as their “civilization,” one has to – if one is human and possessed of reason and morality – wonder why it must be, albeit tacitly, condoned by mankind.

Would it not be better if mankind rid itself of this infestation and the diseases of both flesh and spirit that it carries?

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26 Responses to “Did A’isha Weep?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

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  2. rayon soleil Says:

    why oh why…? my ‘friend’ Jonolan hate my beloved prophet, Muhammad SAW. you think you know it well…and you said the truth is tyrant ?…we hate tyrant…that’s why we’d rather avoid it.

    seriously, i wish you will find an enlightment to your ‘questions and dissatisfaction’ on islam or more specific, on my dearest prophet Muhammad SAW. amin. amin. amin.

    ps : great !…you put the cartoons as well…! do you satisfied now ?

  3. Sofia Says:

    I think you need to educate yourself more on Islam and Middle Eastern culture and history before you write such insulting, degrading and ignorant statements, with such authority and arrogance. Don’t generalize all Arabs and say they’re all like the Saudis, that just shows your ignorance. So next time save yourself the embarrassment and go read a book, I suggest “No god by God” by Reza Aslan.

    PS. I wonder why these statements and opinions of hate you have should be in any way “condoned by mankind.”

  4. jonolan Says:

    I seem to have offended you. Good! That was my intention in a general sort of way.

    Now you have a small taste of just how offensive humanity find the Arab practice of child brides, which are nothing other than state and Islam sponsored pedophilia and rape.

  5. Rayon Soleil Says:

    @ Jonolan

    Islam don’t sponsor pedophilia and rape as you said.
    If you would like to try to stand in Muslims shoes, then you may accept that the marriage of the Prophet SAW with Aisha was a divine marriage. You may have read it, that Muhammad SAW dreamt that he (SAW) was visited by angel Jibril and was told about his future wife, Aisha (we can not be so sure about her exact age).
    If it was true about the young age of Aisha, then i firmly believe it was an exception and only valid for Muhammad SAW alone. Do not aver forget, Muhammad SAW, as always mentioned in Quran, never use his own nafs in doing something.

  6. jonolan Says:

    Rayon Soleil,

    It’s a little bit of stretch to say that Islam doesn’t sponsor pedophilia and rape imams issue fatwas ruling that such things as what happened to the girl in this post – among many other girls – is acceptable under Shari’a and therefor Islam.

    At least – to my knowledge – these animals haven’t combined the use of underage girls with the concepts of Nikah Misyar. That’s a small reprieve.

    You believe that Muhammad’s taking of A’isha was an exception, but it seems that many Muslims think of it as something to be emulated.

    BTW: Once one reads the Hadith, one learns that Muhammad did use his own nafs – I believe it would be his an-nafs al-amm?rah – on several occasions and was chastised by Allah for it.

  7. Rayon Soleil Says:

    @ Jonolan

    I haven’t read such fatwa you mentioned. It seems to me you and many people seriously make Saudi Arabia as a valid barometer to view islam. Other Muslims are aware of this and we are objected to it. Many of their culture mix with that of islam, and politics ( who in charge in power ) hold important role in issuing fatwas.

    Indonesia have issued fatwa concerning Nikah Misyar / nikah mut’ah or other temporarily form of marriage, as HARAM / forbidden. What is sickening is to see many Saudi men come to Indonesia for this purpose. It’s like a trend, they search for Indonesian girls in the rural area to do nikah misyar just to release their lust and then just go. Do you think Indonesian Muslims like such things ? Honestly, i hate them, they are big hypocrite.
    Other thing is, many Indonesian workers who work in Saudi as home helper, in many cases, these workers return home died, or with physical defect, because of bad treatment from their employer. It’s hard for me to understand how a Muslim can ever do such humiliate treatment to other human being. What sad are, those who defend themselves from being raped, etc, become the one who being punished. I tell you, it’s not islam. I dont know what to name it.

    When you know all these things as i write here, is it fair to relate islam with the attitude of few Muslims ? If you don’t know what really happen in Muslim world, would it better to save your hate for something positive such as seriously learn Quran with credible translation and tafseer. Don’t just blindly blame islam if any Muslims do evil things. Islam is perfect, it’s us (Muslims) who should adjust to it. And every Muslim will reach different level of emaan/faith even we read the same Quran. So please open your mind to this fact.

    Jon, when i said Muhammad SAW never use his own nafs in doing things, doesnt mean he has no nafs at all. Certainly, Muhammad SAW can be angry (ammarah), sad, happy, etc, it’s very natural and so normal and it showed that he is not an angel. What i mean with not use his own nafs refers to big event in his life and for Muslims ummah, in Quran, it written that he (SAW) never use his own nafs.
    Remember, be sure that you read hadiths shahih (credible/authentic) and not the weak (daef) or even fake one.

    PS : pls search the article in my blog concerning related matter, title : Islam without Muslims, Muslims without Islam.

  8. ng lynd Says:

    Islam don’t sponsor pedophilia and rape as you said.
    If you would like to try to stand in Muslims shoes, then you may accept that the marriage of the Prophet SAW with Aisha was a divine marriage. You may have read it, that Muhammad SAW dreamt that he (SAW) was visited by angel Jibril and was told about his future wife, Aisha (we can not be so sure about her exact age).
    If it was true about the young age of Aisha, then i firmly believe it was an exception and only valid for Muhammad SAW alone. Do not aver forget, Muhammad SAW, as always mentioned in Quran, never use his own nafs in doing something.

    In reference to the above quote: see, this is what is so frightening about Islam. You really believe that this little girl being sold and raped is ok, because your god sent an angel to let everyone know it was ok. We cannot excuse rape and child abuse and the buying and selling of girls and women because a book says a “prophet” was allowed because god said so. A religion based upon a prophet like this should not gain status or recognition as a religion worthy of being taken seriously by over a billion people.

    Of course, the “prophet” said and did things even more horrible, such as encouraging men to steal and keep little girls and women in battles as sex slaves (I have the quotes from the Koran and Hadiths on my site) and I guess their god said that was a special privilege just for their prophet and whoever he said could have it but no one else, too. Too bad that even allowing that this is just something that happens “sometimes” or “in the past” because the prophet had special privileges is still a sign that ones “God” is horrible and for lack of a better word, “evil”.

    Why would you like a god that did such evil things? Why would you like any religion that this particular god formed? Why would you be ok with a god like that? When will the people of the world wake up and reject a religion that revolves around a prophet who is so horrible, and encourages a billion people to believe that one should worship a god that created this awful prophet–and to believe that this prophet is “good”? How can one ever truly develop a sense of morality not completely skewed if they are taught that evil is good? How do you learn right and wrong?

  9. Rayon Soleil Says:

    @ Ng lynd

    wow!!! how ‘smart’ your comment are!
    go convince billion people to leave islam if you can….

    BTW, what did islam do to you that makes you hate it ? what my beloved prophet (SAW) did to you that makes you hate him (SAW) ?
    who were (muslims) that ever oppressed you until you hate islam this bad ?

    (don’t ridicule yourself with reply such 911, palestine, and other Islamic countries that invaded by USA or Israel…), i tell you, muslims were/are not the evil of those cases!

  10. jonolan Says:

    You can say that Muslims were not the “evil of those cases” all you want, Rayon Soleil, but few people will be willing to discount proven facts in order to agree with you – unless you’re saying, that by committing those acts, the perpetrators had turned apostate (murtadd) to Islam.

    It’s foolish and delusional to think otherwise. After all, they bragged about what they’ve done. I’m quite confused as to how you, an intelligent sounding woman, can be so brainwashed about this.

    Ng’s comment was a bit harsh and disjointed though. I’m not actually sure if he realized that A’isha was a historical figure and not the poor victim in the post.

  11. ng lynd Says:

    When engaging in debate via the internet, it is wise to make sure you read poster’s comments in full and consider context before commenting in order to make a smart, insightful comment. Within my comment, I made no pretense to being able to change the minds of a billion people. I drew attention to the fact that we are talking about a prophet who engaged in horrible acts yet is at the center of a religion followed by at least one billion people, and I questioned whether this prophet is worthy of being at the center of a religion with such a large following. I showed my distress over the fact that this is occuring, and alluded to the audience/reader that perhaps we should consider whether this “prophet” is worthy of such a following considering his many horrible acts outlined in the Koran and Hadiths.

    I do not hate Muslims or Arab peoples. I do not like Islam, although I do not consider it to be something we are “at war” with, either. I do think Islam helps fuel some of the problem in the middle east/southeast Asia, and I believe it harms and oppresses its adherents/followers. The people in this area of the world were at one time well on the way to being the world’s leader in many areas, and I believe Islam helped stand in the way of that. I do not believe we have the right to convert anyone from Islam, but we do have a right to expect Muslims to integrate in the West, as Islam is not compatible in the west, at least not at this point. I think integration is achieved partially through outreach, which is a failure on the West’s part (there should be more outreach and support to all immigrants, actually).

    I do not wish to make you feel like you a bad person because of your religion and it is hard to write this to someone who is asking why I am criticizing a prophet he loves. In short, it makes me feel bad. However, you are more than your religion so please do not think that I am saying there is something wrong with “you” as a person, it is not my intention to communicate that. At all.

    I question a religion that revolves around a man that killed, raped, took slaves, had multiple wives–some children, and encouraged the killing of adulterers, gay people, and anyone who stepped out of line, really. If there is a god, I do not think a “good” god would choose this person as his prophet and then desire a religion to be built around this man for the masses to follow. No, a good god would choose someone else, someone who engaged in good and kindly acts, someone who stopped stonings instead of encouraging others to pick up stones and pound people to death with them.

    All ideologies, including religious ideology, is not created equal. We should question and weigh the merits and flaws of all ideologies, and humankind should pick the ideologies it chooses to follow very carefully. Ideologies are standards we revolve our lives around or at least allow to influence us, and use as tools to influence and socialize others. Whole societies can revolve around an ideology. It is so very, very important that we choose them wisely. They can determine the destiny of us as people, inform our very characters and point us in the direction of where future generations will go. Yes, it is very, very important to pick them carefully and to remember how much is at stake. Everything is, really.


  12. ng lynd Says:

    I know who the historical figure is, and I do believe that these people probably existed, although who knows their real actions if we were not there? What matters is that many followers of Islam do believe it, and this is where I feel concern. After all, if they believe it, that means they do believe that he is a real prophet, not a flawed human whos actions can be judged by our standards (as opposed to one who is placed here by god and therefore above all judgment). I am a woman, BTW


  13. jonolan Says:

    Sorry for the gender mistake ng. I assumed male and Vietnamese from the name, Ng. My mistake.

    I was confused by your first comment. It referenced A’isha and then seemed to go directly to the young Arab victim mentioned in my post, or at least I think it did.

    Given the difference in tone and style between your two comments, I’m guessing you were upset when yu wrotethe 1st one.

  14. ng lynd Says:

    Hi Jonolan, not a problem at all. I am assumed to be male by the initials quite a bit. I guess it is kind of like what you said in your above post. If I offended Raylon, “good”. Not to be mean or cruel, not in that way. But to bring her attention to how offensive and upsetting the whole topic really is, to show that it is worthy of getting upset over. I do not think that many practitioners of Islam understand how worthy the religion’s texts are of getting upset over, they do not seem to realize that it is understandable that people would read the texts and become angry or offended. Maybe, though, since she is coming here and willing to write out her thoughts, on some level she desires to debate the ideas? I do not know.ng

  15. jonolan Says:


    You should actually check out Rayon’s blog. While it has the normal Muslim complaints in various posts, it also has a view of Islam that is much closer to the ideal of the “religion of peace.”

  16. ng lynd Says:

    That is a good thing to hear, I will check it out.

  17. Rayon Soleil Says:

    Ng Lynd,

    “When engaging in debate via the internet, it is wise to make sure you read poster’s comments in full and consider context before commenting in order to make a smart, insightful comment.”

    that’s fine. and how about you ? did you read all my comment from the beginning ? because i am sure you have missed my views related to your complaint about islam in the previous comment. i tell you, it is a disease of human being, easy to blame others while look at us, we are full of mistake too !

    “I do not hate Muslims or Arab peoples. I do not like Islam, although I do not consider it to be something we are “at war” with, either.

    this statement is ignorant. or you just pretend as you are a friendly human being by saying so. or you want to play it safely because muslims can do something to protest you while ISLAM certainly will remain silent.
    it would be honest and appropriate if you say you hate a particular muslims or you hate some arab, because all who were done (as you said) the ‘horrible” things, etc all the disgusting things as you said, were all HUMAN BEING.

    “Maybe, though, since she is coming here and willing to write out her thoughts, on some level she desires to debate the ideas?”

    last, i actually don’t like to debate with just anyone. i dont want to waste my time for any blind and ignorant islam haters. here, i like to converse with Jonolan, eventhough some disagreement between us, because he is not the type who talk just anything bullshit and acting as if he knows everything about this subject. so this quality of him that makes me willing to go on in this discussion and other.

  18. ng lynd Says:

    I think it is easy for those in groups that are not mainstream to claim the ignorance of whoever they are debating, because the tactic works so well. If someone disagrees with you on a cultural matter, no matter how educated or well-read on the topic the critic may be–or no matter how much exposure they have received on the issue at hand, thus making them far from ignorant to the truth–simply insist they are ignorant and this tends to have a profound silencing effect. In our strident PC culture, many dread being called ignorant, as it suggests that they are merely uncultured and uneducated people who react instead of think. It is a card to play that tends to work in the US. It does not work with me. An informed opinion is not an ignorant one, but again, this tactic works wonders against those who disagree with a different culture’s standards.

  19. ADEM Says:


  20. jonolan Says:


    My Türkiye is more than a little rusty, but I think the gist of your “shout” was general request or prayer for answers as to why the Muslims don’t do something against me because of my words. Hmmm….

    Well, if that translation is anything close to accurate, so much for the “religion of peace,” but we all knew that was a lie in practice if not in original intent.

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  22. Nabiha Meher Says:

    I’m also soooo sick of the apologists. It was wrong. It was disgusting. It cannot and should not be justified and it HAS given Muslims a justification to exploit and rape children. However, John, like I’ve said before, and like you’ve stated here, these Arab customs are dangerous and Wahabi ideas that push for shariah and do shit like this are ruining the world. Punjab used to be soooo matriarchal before the Wahabis arrived. This Wahabi ideal of living life exactly like Mohammad’s is ludicrous and the fact is that they are constantly preaching this propaganda. The case in question is not something new or surprising; neither is it uncommon in that part of the Arab world. Do you know that there is a market here in Pakistan, in Baluchistan, where Arabs come to buy children? There is much child trafficking to the Gulf states. The treatment these children receive is horrifying…

  23. Khayyam Says:

    @Nabiha, Do you really think that Prophet of Islam was a Wahhabi? And if problem is in Arab culture then there is no point of blaming Wahabbis as they emerged centuries after. Come on and get some informed and better understanding.

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