Cordoba House 1.0

The Muslims cabal known as the Cordoba Initiative, fronted for by imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf, plans to build a 13 story Muslim “cultural center” which includes a masjid in lower Manhattan just two blocks from- and overlooking Ground Zero.

These Muslims claim that such an act is meant to be a means of “building bridges” between Muslims and Americans. Yet every single detail of their plan gives lie to that perfidious assertion and shows that the Cordoba House is meant to glorify the Jihad and mock America.

They’re not even particularly subtle about it, though most Americans have been kept ignorant enough that it’s not too surprising that these Muslims thought no one would notice.  The Cordoba House is being built by Feisal Abdul-Rauf’s Cordoba Initiative. The key word here being, “Cordoba,” the seat of Muslim rule during their rape of Spain.

Why Cordoba House?

A supposedly "American" Muslim family consoling their jihadi child after a training accident.When the Muslim hordes swarmed out of North Africa and completed their rape of Andalusia the conquered people were forced to convert to Islam or be murdered. The conquering beasts’ Emir, Abd ar-Rahman I commandeered the Christian church of St. Vincent in Cordoba in 784 AD, desecrated it, and converted it into a masjid (mosque).

The rabidly theocratic Muslims, as they have always done or attempted to do, used this masjid as a symbol of their conquest and subjugation of  the conquered people.  Abd ar-Rahman I actually used the masjid – originally named Aljama Mosque after one of his “wives” – as an adjunct to palace.

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

In Cordoba, the capital of what the Muslims called Al-Andalus in their native tongue , the “Great Mosque” was seen as the heart and central focus of the capital. It remained that way until 1236 AD, when Córdoba was liberated from the Muslim filth by King Ferdinand III of Castile and the mosque was returned back into a Christian church.

It is now once again a Roman Catholic cathedral and is called the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (English: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption).

Such is a very brief history of the masjid in Cordoba, Spain – Cordoba House 1.0 if you will.


The conquest and ensuing rape and enslavement of much of Spain is still a “glorious” memory for Muslims and the “Great Mosque of Cordoba” is still an important symbol for their various tribes and far-flung nests. Even to this very day Muslims are more than willing to attack, maim, and gleefully kill anyone who prevents them from violating the sanctity of the cathedral in order mouth their prayers to Allah and His Pedophile Prophet.

No, despite any mendacious contrary claims, their naming of this “cultural center” with its attendant masjid overlooking the site of Islam’s greatest single attack upon America the Cordoba House cannot be seen by any American as anything other than part of their jihad against the Civilized World because it is ridiculous to believe that Imam Feisal isn’t well-versed in Islamic history; he and his nest of vermin just hope and pray that Americans are.

This Is What Imam Feisal Wants To Commemorate and Glorify

If nothing else, the fact that these vermin want to locate this abomination at Ground Zero and open their nest on 9/11 2011 should make it clear to anyone that their naming of it Cordoba House has nothing relating to peaceful coexistence between humanity and Muslims other than the peace of submission, i.e., Islam.

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