Risky Sex

Due to the sad state of the world today just about every person in the Civilized World knows that sex can be quite dangerous. So can many of the concomitant activities that accompany or even replace sex in many instances.

Of course safe sex – more accurately described as “safer” sex” – both doesn’t address all of the risks associated with sex and presents a few unusual risks of its own. 😛

Size Matters! Durex XXL
Her Eyes Were Bigger Than Her Mouth 😉

And, as you can see here, there are certain potentially hazardous consequences for women, and not just the ones that come easily to mind.


Of course it’s not just the women who are in danger. Sex, in all it’s forms and alternatives, can be dangerous for men as well.

QUESTION: What’s the greatest danger for a guy in having sex with a virgin?

ANSWER: They might be so tight that he develops a sub-Durex haematoma.

So have fun with it, but think for about what you’re about to get into – or get into you. 😆

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One Response to “Risky Sex”

  1. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo Says:

    Well, at least her head is not bigger than her pelvis….. 🙂

    Seriously, what the hell? Of course my insane curiosity is going to take me to the DUREX page, and after nosing around a bit, I saw the link for the DUREX community, and I cyber ran as fast as I could. Most communities scare me, especially ones based upon durable rubber.

    But I am quite certain they would have a solution for the sub-Durex hematoma issue! Why, if they have read this, they are already coming up with some form of subdural Durex shunt.

    I am fighting the urge to go back on the page and peek in and see what the ‘community’ is up to.

    Bad man. Very Bad Man.

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