Christina’s Epic Prow

Christina Hendricks - A transatlantic sex goddess with curves to spareIn a recent sarcastic / humorous post I displayed an image of a fake magazine cover featuring voluptuously curvaceous actress and model Christina Hendricks. In it there was the headline:

Gaze Upon The Epic Prow of
Christina Hendricks
The Woman Your Boyfriend Masturbates To

I’m fairly sure that most women would be concerned about that if it was actually thought to be happening instead of being part of a snark.

Admittedly, Christina Hendricks and her “epic prow” have breasted their way through the turbulent seas of Hollywood and into firmly the “hearts” of many men and women.

One thing though and I’ll state it bluntly; if any women’s boyfriends or husbands are masturbating to pictures or videos of Christina Hendricks it’s a far better thing than if they were doing so to any presentation of most female celebrities that are foisted off on society as being beautiful, sexy, and/or desirable.

Firstly, the half-British, size 12 (size 14 UK) actress has a much more believable and frankly female figure than the stringy sticks that Hollywood and fashion industry normally prefer. Secondly, she has a much healthier physique than the Hollywood or fashion world norm.

On other hand – pun intended – these men could being jerking off looking at these heroin addicted skeletons dipped in wax, which might indicate that they have either have a closeted fondness for prepubescent boys or a Nazi concentration camp sexual fetish:

Myself, I prefer bedding women and have no desire for either young boys or emaciated, mentally deficient or damaged creatures who strive to look like them. I also have no respect whatsoever for anything with a prick that holds a contrary opinion. I’d be far more likely to gut shoot such latent or closeted pedophiliac filth than to bother listening to whatever vile drivel they mouthed by way of justification for their base perversion.

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3 Responses to “Christina’s Epic Prow”

  1. Book Says:

    Oh look, another loudmouthed creep who thinks he can score points with larger women by acting disgusted toward skinny ones. Only, he’s not even defending larger women here, but just more thin women with big tits.

    Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, scumbag. You’re a slimy piece of shit for trying in the first place, and you compound your foulness by using long words poorly in a failed attempt to sound erudite and not reveal yourself for the trailer trash you are, and by making laughable empty threats of violence against the imaginary people who cared enough to argue with you.

    I’m not here to argue with you; that slagging off thin girls is no better than slagging off fat ones is self-evident. I really just dropped by to call you a cunt.

  2. jonolan Says:

    And the pedophile lobby is finally heard from, or should I say “paedophile” since the punter is a Brit?

  3. mrman Says:

    Give it a rest, Book. This blog entry was, pure and simple, a gush over plumper, busty girls, and a slam at thin ones and the men who prefer them.

    He’s certainly not trying to impress women or score points by being erudite.

    He’s just statin’ the facts.

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