Profiling Is Offensive?

Critics of Arizona’s attempt to defend its borders against the filthy criminal invaders that are overrunning the state, and who have becoming increasingly dangerous has drawn a lot of anger from the Liberals.

The Liberals and their minority tenants find anything that might resemble racial profiling to be extremely offensive. Hellfire! Most people find racial profiling to be offensive and find only a few, limited circumstances in which it is even somewhat useful.

Some Racist Hypocrisy From The Liberals - Racial Profiling Is Only Wrong When Not Targeting Whites
For Liberals Racial Profiling Is Sometimes Offensive

The underlying bone of contention – the argument over SB 1070 being only a symptom of a larger problem – is mostly over the differences between what Americans and Liberals respectively believe those few, limited circumstances in which racial profiling is somewhat useful actually are. 😉

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4 Responses to “Profiling Is Offensive?”

  1. Rake Morgan Says:

    So this is where you hang out? The only thing murky here is the quality of your writing and thinking. And what a cliche! A dark blog design. Says it all, eh? Listen if you haven’t really killed anyone by now your rants against “filth Americans” is nothing but bravado. We are all trembling in our boots!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Well at least you pulled your nose out of the Clintons festering, diseased assholes long enough to stop by and comment, Rake – not that the comment was worth more than SWMNBN’s word of honor.

    One thing though – “filth Americans?” That’s not a term I use since you can’t apply “filth” as an adjective or qualifier to Americans.

  3. Rake Morgan Says:

    Sorry, I misspoke, to use a favorite term of conservatives when they get caught in a lie. Here’s what you actually wrote:

    “OK, so you’re another anti-American filth who thinks it’s all about race; we get that and, when the time finally comes, we’ll do for you and yours along with the rest of America’s enemies.

    Ballot box or cartridge box; it really no longer matters.”

    Yes, I should have referred to myself as “anti-American filth,” even though my ancestry includes men who fought for our independence during the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War on behalf of the North (of course!) and every other conflict with the exception of the Iraq wars (we just got too old!) Certainly, that makes us filth and anti-American. What did you do, Sport???

  4. jonolan Says:

    Yes, that is how you should have referred to yourself; it would have, at the very least, have been accurate and honest. I recognize though that both of those qualities are antithetical to such as you.

    And, while it’s nice – and a little surprising given Liberals’ proclivities – that you know your ancestry, it’s worthless holding up what they did as some basis for your own value.

    In any case, your rant is off-topic for this post and I’m not going to get drawn into it any further, especially when it involves a cross-blog argument.

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