A Filthy Problem In AZ

In the wake of Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer taking the much needed defensive measure of signing SB 1070 into law the bulk of America now knows that Arizona has a critical and lethal problem with illegal immigration and illegal aliens; the Liberals and their minority tenants have made sure of that with their vitriol, their hate, and their protests which predictably devolve into race riots. What most people still do not know is how filthy of a problem these illegal immigrants are.

The Trail of Filth – What Illegal Aliens Leave In Their Wake

Estimates on the number of illegal immigrants who sneak into America from Mexico across Arizona’s border vary wildly. A conservative-to-moderate range would be 100,000 – 250,000 illegals enter the US through Arizona’s southern border per year. Each and every one of these invaders wreaks environmental damage upon our lands during its treks.

Extrapolating from San Diego State University’s study of the environmental damage cause by illegal passing through the Cleveland National Forest, in eastern San Diego County, California we can quantify this damage in the following ways based upon the estimate of 100K – 250K illegal immigrants per annum:

  • Illegal immigrants blaze 48 – 72 miles of new trails
  • Illegal immigrants disturb 16 – 24 acres of wildness habitat
  • Illegal immigrants leave 5.5 – 8.25 tons of trash
  • Illegal immigrants light 1,100 – 1,650 illegal campfires
  • Illegal immigrants burn 420 – 630 acres of land by starting wildfires

That’s a significantly horrendous level of ecological damage and would normally have the Liberals outraged at the perpetrators, especially since the more arid regions of the planet have more delicate biospheres and a very vulnerable to such depredations. It’s not one, however, that is going to receive much attention unless the Liberals, always and often laudably at the forefront of environmental causes, get involved.

Unfortunately for Americans and the ecosystems of southern Arizona – frankly the ecosystems of our border states et al – the Liberals, by and large but presumably with a few exceptions, are not outraged at foreigners – especially non-Whites – who commit environmental crimes.  Those sorts of polluters do not seem to bother the Liberals.

The Liberals, whenever vaguely possible,  instead prefer to either turn an blind eye to the problem or make excuses for the non-White invaders and attempt, as always, to shift both blame and responsibility to Americans, primarily White Americans.

So we are left with a mess. Arizona has a dangerous and filthy problem – illegal immigrants, and the best source of action and awareness against the problem, the Liberals,  has conflicting priorities based upon racial politics.

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  1. libhomo Says:

    People like you are why I refuse to set foot in Arizona.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Then I’ve done some palpable good for Arizona. Now if I could only convince you to leave the country I’d truly class it as a success.

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