The Weather Report


The Weather Report – Hot With A Chance Of Sprinkles

With various parts of America reopening for business – against the wishes of most Democrats – the weather has, once again, become of some importance.

Well, here’s a great weather forecast!

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Bajan Grand Kadooment Day

Yes, with the wold and, more specifically America, in the state it’s in and the direction it seems to be shambling towards, there are times – times that occur with greater and greater frequency – when I just want to pack it in, at least for a while, and head off to my pleasant and beautiful climes.

Barbados, in point of fact, sounds like a great place to go. Not only are the environs and people beautiful, but the Bajans have shown that, if people put aside age-old hurts, grievances, and excuses, a culture can develop that embodies most or all of what has time and time proven to be what tangibly works with the passionate and colorful aspects of other cultures that bring enrichment and intangible benefits.

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Let’s Take A Break

Reality is more than little rough right now and looking like it’s going to get rougher before it gets better, if it even will get better. Sounds like a good time to take a short, restorative break from it.

VTOL Jet Turbine Snail!

There we all go. Nothing’s a better break from reality than a transforming VTOL snail with jet turbines. Enjoy! 😆

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Celebrating The 4th!

Happy Independence Day! It’s July 4th, the day of every year when Americans celebrate and have a lot of fun while titularly tipping their hats to both the birth of America as a nation and the ongoing expression of patriotism and love of- and for that nation and the culture it grew.

Sure, for most it’s nothing but a day off work and an excuse to party in the warm summer sun but that’s a good thing. We Americans still remember our history but we’ve outgrown the need to bitterly cling to the memories of the oppression and tyranny we suffered under British rule.

Celebrating The 4th of July!

So have some fun this holiday. It’s your privilege to do so and, like all group privileges, it was earned for you by those who came before you. And might I say that enjoying Anikka Albrite, Mia Malkova, and Gabriella Ford engaging in some flag waving is a good way to start. 😉

Oh, and if you want to see how their party progressed, you can check it out here (NSFW).

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When I’m Rich Enough

By many people’s standards I’m quite wealthy, one of the Rich that they want to enslave for the subsistence of the less- and non-productive. I’m not, however truly one of the “Rich People” despite my income and the material comforts it brings. I can’t buy and/or do anything that pleases me.

If and when I’m rich enough to do utterly as I please, insofar as housing and spending is concerned, I’m going to do this:

Stair Slide
Someday, If I Can Swing It, I’m Going To Have One Of These

Yes, as foolish and seemingly wasteful as it seems, I want to install a slide that in my home – if I don’t chuck it all in and move my family into a ger somewhere – yes, my wives would cheerfully agree to that.

Ger is the Mongolian term for their felt tents. If in their presence, call then yurts at your own peril. Their past “dealings” with the Ottomans and Russians have left them sensitive to that word.

That’s the true boon of significant material wealth. It’s not just that you can afford such foolish luxuries; it’s that few will look at you too askance for indulging in them.

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