Field Expediency

One thing that everyone should count upon is that soldiers and sailors will be creative and reuse and misuse any and materiel at their disposal in order to achieve their ends. Many of these field expedients are for direct combat or support operations but even more are creative – sometimes overly so 😉 – means of providing basic comforts that personnel in combat zones normally lack.

A case in point…

Field Expedient – TALON EOD Robot Bartender

When you’ve seen: bunkers made of cases of beer; chess, checkers, and cribbage sets made out of anything and everything; nearly every place in every vehicle’s engine compartment used for warming rations; and just about every possible part of small arms used as bottle openers, the fact that some serviceman decided to send his TALON EOD Robot to get him a beer is not shocking.

Of course I always thought the purpose of the TALON was to keep our soldiers from getting bombed. 😆

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