The Maggots Rejoice

On Friday, June 26, 2006, the vote for the abomination and act of treason euphemistically called the American Clean Energy Security Act passed on the House floor by a narrow margin of a mere seven votes. The final House vote was 219-212.

Despite the Herculean patriotic efforts of Republican leader, John A. Boehner (R-OH), and despite 43 Democrats proving that at least some of their Party aren’t traitors by voting against this destructive legislation, the Liberals in the House of Representatives managed to push this America destroying piece of filth though.

Despite the fact that, at literally the very last minute – 3:09 AM, Friday, June 26, 2006 – and with no time for any sort of review, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) added a 300+ page amendment to the already 1000+ page bill, the Leftist maggots feasting on the fresh corpse of America got their Cap & Tax bill through the House.

Jackass Liberals Enjoy Destroying Uncle Sam with Cap & Tax
Happy Liberals – They’ve been waiting so long to destroy America

This abomination – Obamanation really, since President Obama and his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel used every trick of Chicago politics to get it passed – largely because 8 Republicans proved themselves to be enemies of both Party and Nation by voting in favor of this evil, anti-American bill.

The rogues gallery is as follows:
Traitor! Backstabbing Liberty

These eight are worse by far than the 212 Democrats who also voted against America by passing the American Clean Energy And Security Act.  No American could expect those Liberals to do otherwise; a scorpion must be true to its nature. But for eight Republicans, elected by Americans to represent Americans against the Liberals to turn coat in this manner is utterly unconscionable.

I urge all true and right thinking Americans to whatever steps are needful to remove these eight from office and to punish them for their betrayal. Make their lives an affliction beyond their bearing.

Make no mistake, the American Clean Energy Security Act aka the Waxman-Markey bill is a destructive and confiscatory tax that will do incalculable harm to our nation all under the false flag of combating Global Warming.  While such a tax would always be destructive to America, it is especially so now during our current economic downturn or recession.

Among the various damages that President Obama’s Cap & Trade plan, as drafted by Waxman and Markey under the oversight of President Obama’s head of legislative affairs, Phil Schiliro, are:

  • It is estimated to cost the average American household $71,493 over the next 23 years ($3108 per annum)
  • It will effectively gut the already soft and vulnerable US housing market
  • Despite some small “allowances.” it will devastate the remains of the US automotive industry
  • It will cost thousands and thousands of American jobs as companies outsource to less punitively restrictive nations such as China and India

Do any of us really think that America will survive in any fashion that we can still recognize after this level of damage has been done to our core economic infrastructure? Every increase in energy costs results in a commensurate increase in anything that requires energy to create and/or distribute.   Can you think of anything that is part of everyday life that doesn’t “cost” CO2?


The flag flies at half staff over land in mourning for the passing of AmericaThe great nation of the United States of America lasted for a while, probably longer than our Founding Fathers expected. For 233 years, from 1776 to 2008, she shone as a beacon of freedom, industry, and prosperity in a more and more benighted world. Now the Liberal maggots rejoice as they squirm in an orgy of destruction as they feast upon her corpse.

It behooves those of us who were raised to be Americans to accept the sad and horrid fact that our nation has run its course. A new thing, cancerous and vile, has arisen from its ravished remains and it is recognizable only in its mockery.

We Americans must now choose: we can go gently into that long night; we can strive to rebuild what has been lost, stolen, or raped from us; or we can accept our loss, but wreak such vengeance upon our enemies that the world learn the price of evil.

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5 Responses to “The Maggots Rejoice”

  1. I Didn’t Forget About It « Prudence Ponder Says:

    […] been keeping my eye out on Washington. The cap and trade nightmare passed the House by 7 votes. Eight of the pro votes were from Republicans. Eight. I’m pretty angry over […]

  2. ichabod Says:

    Hi jonolan;

    I believe you have it summed up fairly accurately.

    It is beyond our control, yet the senate may be a ray of hope and may this bill die on the floor.

    You have to wonder whose side Obama is on?

    Too many have died in the past to prevent the decline of America to where it has fallen.

    Was it all in vain?

  3. jonolan Says:

    Thank you, ichabod.

    Was it all in vain? Probably. We defended this nation from so many threats, but we turned a blind eye to the enemies growing behind us in America itself.

    There’s very little worth defending anymore since the cancer has spread so far. We need to give up defending what was and start the painful process of rebuilding what has been destroyed by the traitors we were so diligently defending.

  4. Joe Blow Says:

    Could you exaggerate a little bit more? I don’t think that your desciption of the decision of our elected Congress is quite paranoid enough. Maybe you need to invoke the tragedies of Auswich or the OJ trial or Saddam Hussein to make you point seem more desperate.

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