Planking Improved

XzibitAfter the ever ethnoguiltist MSM publicized the race-baiting and grievance rant by the ghetto thug rapper, Xzibit we haven’t heard much about planking.

Admittedly, there’s little or no purpose in this odd fad. Yet, it also posed little risk and cause little harm – except to the sensibilities of a few of life’s failures which should be ignored.

Creatures, the like of which this Xzibit is just a singular example, cannot seem to help but look at the world through the eyes of victimology, irresponsibility, a envy. They are not things that humanity should pay attention to beyond taking such actions as are necessary to limit the harm they do to people.

So I say that we should revisit, revitalize, and greatly improve this harmless fad. Doing so would not be difficult at all. 🙂

Bringing Back Planking

The way I figure it, adding bikinis and babes to the mix will bring planking right back to fore of pop culture. It’s worked for almost everything else…

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