Gentlemen, A New League

Gentlemen, A New League
Gentlemen, A New League

Absolutely extraordinary, Gentlemen! Just how I’d picture an American chapter of LOEG circa 1988.

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Harōkiti Futatabi

I wasn’t entirely jesting when I stated that I was concerned that Courtney Stodden’s 2012 “Hello Courtney” video, which was themed as cross between Hello Kitty and Nekomimi, was going to sour America on Nekomimi – as well as emotionally scar many women who grew up with Hello Kitty.

Harōkiti Futatabi

Fortunately, there’s a plethora of evidence to support the theory that these memes are more than robust enough to survive Stodden’s unusual sense of sexy and appropriate. 😉 So Harōkiti Futatabi (Hello Kitty Again).

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The Zombie Apocalypse

I think we actually be nearing the Zombie Apocalypse. No, I’m not expecting the streets to soon fill with the hungry undead – DNC functions excepted 😛 – any time soon or, likely, ever. I’m talking about the apocalypse of the zombie meme itself.

Girls In Their Undies vs. Zombies

I’m pretty sure that the existence and popularity of cartoonist massgrfx’s Girls In Their Undies vs. Zombies indicates that the Zombie Apocalypse meme is rotting away from the inside and that its end – Not with a bang but a groan – is fast approaching.

I mean, C’mon! There’s now the pop-culture term, “ZILFs” (Zombies I’d Like to Fuck) and iZombie exec producer Rob Thomas is comfortable taking full advantage of it.  Hence, while predicting the eschaton of a meme is inherently inaccurate, I think this one is done or nearly so.

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Goodbye Kitty

Courtney Stodden, B List (I’m generous, OK) celebutante wannabe, loves attention and she knows the best way for someone of her limited talents and even more limited self-esteem to get it.

Hello Courtney, Goodbye Kitty – And Some People’s Childhood

I suppose there’s nothing quite like ruining Hello Kitty for all time to get Courtney Stodden some of the attention she craves. She’ll certainly be remembered for all time by those girls and young women of the right age for her to have just permanently scarred their memories of their beloved childhood toys. 😛

Of course, Stodden may just be trying to break into the Japanese market, a common course of action for those who aren’t “making it big” in America. Japan, after all, is the nation that invented the Neko or Nekomimi girl fetish in the first place and it’s been a cosplay standard – and sometimes lifestyle! – in Japan for decades.

Japanese Nekomimi Girls – Ny?!

I think, however, that Courtney’s “sweet” scenes coughing up a hairball and using the litter box 😯 are going to turn off the Japanese. Hellfire! She might have just ruined Nekomimi as well as Hello Kitty.

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#Zombie Apocalypse

The drudges and slackers of the Occupy Wall St. – and the other cities where they’d gathered in their unwashed masses – bear a great and humorous resemblance to the pop culture meme of the zombie apocalypse.

Ugly, smelly, not-too-bright, and slow moving, with a taste for eating people – they slouch about and groan their chants while uninfected and uncorrupted people try to keep them at a distance.

Hungry? Eat A Banker - Liberal Zombies Occupying Wall St.
Moooooore Mooooney. Mooor Oootheeer People’s Moneeeeey!

Of course, if these Liberal zombies had been moaning for “more brains” they and America wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. 😉

Zombie Headshot - Kills every times, though I don't know why since neither zombies nor Liberals have functioning brainsThe funny thing is that these Liberal zombies with their desire to eat the rich have forgotten that popular culture also provides humans with a tried and true methodology of dealing with such a zombie apocalypse.

Head shots! They work every single time without fail. Additionally, in crowd situations, pass-through and missed shots will stop or slow down others in the drooling horde.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after theyre down.

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