The Zombie Apocalypse

I think we actually be nearing the Zombie Apocalypse. No, I’m not expecting the streets to soon fill with the hungry undead – DNC functions excepted 😛 – any time soon or, likely, ever. I’m talking about the apocalypse of the zombie meme itself.

Girls In Their Undies vs. Zombies

I’m pretty sure that the existence and popularity of cartoonist massgrfx’s Girls In Their Undies vs. Zombies indicates that the Zombie Apocalypse meme is rotting away from the inside and that its end – Not with a bang but a groan – is fast approaching.

I mean, C’mon! There’s now the pop-culture term, “ZILFs” (Zombies I’d Like to Fuck) and iZombie exec producer Rob Thomas is comfortable taking full advantage of it.  Hence, while predicting the eschaton of a meme is inherently inaccurate, I think this one is done or nearly so.

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Too Many Zombies

Zombies, those galvanized corpses which are so fond of brains as a core diet, have in recent years become an entrenched meme in American pop culture. Normally I would consider this a bizarre but harmless exercise in people’s creative stupidity, but they’ve taken it just a bit too far.

Zombie Catwalk

Zombie Fashion Apocalypse?

Somehow I can find absolutely no benefit in zombie catwalk models or in nominal females who could pass themselves off as zombies.

Come on! Looking at the creature in this image, aren’t you just expecting it to groan, “Braaaaaaains?” And it would be pathetic if it did since brains are thin on the ground anywhere within the fashion industry – even zombies have to starve themselves to work in the industry. 😉

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