Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

Vintage Japanese Prison Porn
Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

I love and laugh at this, though I’m fully cognizant of how few people will understand why I find this funny, or why in the world I titled it “Vintage Japanese Prison Porn.”

So, let me explicate…

Why Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

  • The art style is a fusion of Western Cartoon and Japanese Ukiyo-e, which also influenced Western art;
  • She’s obviously a high-ranking Yakuza, probably an oyabun, given her level of tattooing;
  • The origin of Yakuzas’ tattooing is from 17th-19th Centuries Japanese practice of irezumi kei (tattoo penalty), where criminals were tattooed as part of their punishment;
  • She’s tied up Shibari or Kinabku style – you pendants can argue about which term is right – which was derived from Hojōjutsu, a method of restraining, torturing, and displaying prisoners in feudal Japan.

So, there you have it – why my humor and snark was engaged by this image and why I’ve titled it here as “Vintage Japanese Prison Porn.” 😉

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The Quad Co-opter

The Quad Co-opter
Biden: The Quad Co-opter

So, the deranged pedophile that the Democrats installed into the White House was just in Japan, attending the G7 Summit. While there he decided to mumble and rant about “The Quad,” which is an alliance of America, Australia, India, and Japan aimed at keeping the four nations policies in sync to address threats in the Indo-Pacific and South China Sea regions – i.e., an Anti-China military-political-economic alliance.

I doubt many people in this audience or any other audience would’ve said that two years after being elected, I’d be able to convince India, Australia, Japan, and the United States to form an organization called ‘the Quad’ to maintain stability in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

Joe “Gaffemaster” Biden

Yeah, that almost sounds good. Hell, it almost sounds like the deserved crowing of an actual world leader. But, of course, it’s a bald-faced lie as one must expect from something like Biden. The truth is that Quad predates Biden’s residency in the White House, and it’s re-establishment being one of President Trump’s many unsung and unlauded international achievements.

But, the Quad Co-opter is going to drone on (pun intended) about how he did this and should be given credit for it.

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Kyoto In Winter

The Sublime Beauty Of Kyoto In Winter

Winter solitude–
In a world of one color
The sound of wind.

Matsuo Bashō, , “Winter solitude”

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Kuchisabishii - Your Lonely Mouth
Kuchisabishii – Your Lonely Mouth

Kuchisabishii. It’s a Japanese term which literally means “lonely mouth,” and is used to describe when you’re not hungry, but you eat anyway because your mouth is lonely. It rather poetically sums up boredom or stress induced eating, i.e., the munchies.

I find this interesting – beyond how cool the word is in and of itself – because most of us in the West tend to think of the Japanese as being very reserved and unemotional – true Stoics even – and yet, their language is filled with words that describe many emotions and emotive actions. That, going by the mainstream thoughts among linguists, indicates quite the opposite.

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Introducing The Daomaki

Introducing The Daomaki
Introducing The Daomaki

And now, introducing Japan’s newest sushi sensation, the Daomaki (or Dōmaki in Go-on/Wa-on speech). After all, the Dao encompasses everything. 😉

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