Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

Vintage Japanese Prison Porn
Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

I love and laugh at this, though I’m fully cognizant of how few people will understand why I find this funny, or why in the world I titled it “Vintage Japanese Prison Porn.”

So, let me explicate…

Why Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

  • The art style is a fusion of Western Cartoon and Japanese Ukiyo-e, which also influenced Western art;
  • She’s obviously a high-ranking Yakuza, probably an oyabun, given her level of tattooing;
  • The origin of Yakuzas’ tattooing is from 17th-19th Centuries Japanese practice of irezumi kei (tattoo penalty), where criminals were tattooed as part of their punishment;
  • She’s tied up Shibari or Kinabku style – you pendants can argue about which term is right – which was derived from Hojōjutsu, a method of restraining, torturing, and displaying prisoners in feudal Japan.

So, there you have it – why my humor and snark was engaged by this image and why I’ve titled it here as “Vintage Japanese Prison Porn.” 😉

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If You Gaze Into The Cleavage

If You Gaze Into The Cleavage, The Cleavage Gazes Also Into You
If You Gaze Into The Cleavage,
The Cleavage Gazes Also Into You

Gentlemen – and not a few of you Ladies – to provide you with advice by paraphrasing Nietzsche, “If you gaze into the cleavage, the cleavage gazes also into you.” Oh yes; you can lose your soul this way… And, this days in America, a fair amount of money with little value in return. 😉

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Neo-Celtic Fantasies

It’s Autumn now, my favorite time of the year. And, in no small part, this is because Fall calls out to the Irish blood in me. Hence, between that, my life-long love of history and cultural anthropology, and my firmly held belief that, among White women, Celtic women have the most attractive phenotype as a group, it’s time for me to share some Neo-Celtic fantasies. 😉

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Showing Her Pussy

Legs Spread Showing Her Pussy
Legs Spread Showing Her Pussy

And here we have a heavily tattooed babe in bed with her legs spread, showing her pussy to the world. 😆


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The Finest Canvases

There’s a decent chance that it will come as a shock to many that I’m quite fond of tattoos and tattooed women. Hell! Both of mine are fairly heavily tatted and one even has multiple decorative scarifications.

Women’s Skin – The Finest Canvases In Creation

Ah yes, a woman’s skin is the finest canvass in Creation, or so my beliefs inform me. 😉 And, at least so far as prurient voyeurism goes, I’d imagine that most men – and a not an inconsiderable number of women – agree with me.

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