I’m Allowed To If…

I'm Allowed To If...
I’m Allowed To If…

This is sadly how Democrats and their sort think of things. I’m allowed to firebomb a synagogue as long as I shout, “Free Palestine!” Similarly, I’m allowed – or would be if I were a Black – to literally rape, murder, pillage, and burn whole neighborhoods and towns as long as I or others like me shout, “Black Lives Matter.” And now, apparently, I’m somewhat allowed – I’d die a martyr – to gun down children as long as they’re Christians and I’m a Tranny.

That is the nature of our domestic enemies. They’re largely OK with any acts of violence committed by their “Oppressed” upon their “Oppressors.” As long as the perpetrators are not part of the normative majority and the victims either are or are perceived to be close enough to such as to be “deserving” of harm. That is normally considered by them to be simply fighting for freedom or tearing down a racist or bigoted system and, hence, to be excused. Any blame for it is placed upon the victims and society, which “forced” these “Oppressed” to lash out in violence.

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Explaining To Leftists

Explaining To Leftists

Honestly, not much needs to be added to this image beyond the sad fact that I’m just posting it for normal, true-born and rightly-raised Americans since the Leftists – the ones who need it – would never countenance even the thought of internalizing facts such as these, especially when presented to them by a normal, straight, White man.

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Woke In The Streets

Lightfoot - Woke In The Streets, Oppressed In The Sheets?
Lightfoot – Woke In The Streets, Oppressed In The Sheets?

Yep! Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot is literally the most extreme and shameless racist and anti-American activist in the American political sphere. But she goes home to a White woman’s pussy! Hence, she’s woke in the streets and oppressed in the sheets. ROFLMAO!

Now, to be fair, this is entirely based upon suppositions for which none of us have any evidence in support thereof. None of us have any clue what, if any, Womandingo – or is it Mandyko – games these two get up to in bed or in their relationship in general.

But, in an expression of equality of fairness, we all “know” that dating, marrying, or even having children with people of a different race doesn’t mean that you’re not a racist. Indeed, in the case of Blacks, being involved with a White is racist itself.

Still though, Lightfoot having “gone White” is funny, ironic, and typical of her sort of Negro.

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Check Your Oppression!

Check Your Oppression!
Check Your Oppression!

Yes! At last you can, and probably should, check your oppression by checking your Intersectionality Score. And, of course, we all need this sort of help in these “intersectional times,” lest we become paralyzed by not knowing where we sit in the hierarchy of oppression.

After all, without this sort of tech aid, how can one know what one is “allowed” to have and/or voice an opinion upon, much less what that opinion is demanded to be?

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Making A Statement

The ever-angry Blacks and those ethnoguiltists who pander to- and enable their misbehavior will tell you – quite stridently in some cases – that the NFL players who’ve refused to stand for America’s national anthem and/or who have started using gang / terrorist symbology on the playing field are making a statement.

Making A StatementMaking A Statement

Of course, these same ever-angry Blacks and ethnoguiltists are angry that Americans, most importantly and especially the large subset of Americans who’ve enjoyed and patronized the NFL, are also making a statement…by not attending games, by not watching the games on TV, and getting rid of- and/or not purchasing NFL merchandise.

Taking A Knee In PrayerSome Are Rightfully Taking A Knee

But, of course, not all messages were created equal. The message, mostly due to the Blacks’ chosen means of sending of sending it, being sent by the NFL players was rejected by the American people, whereas the message we sent is having a noticeable effect. Both the NFL and their sponsors are taking a knee in supplication, propitiating we, the People to withhold our wrath.

That’s the nature of statements. Some are worth making and others aren’t. Some ways of making a statement lead to a positive result and some lead to destruction.

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