Just Do It

Just Do It
Just Do It

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything

Hehe…Maybe the sorts that so love Kaepernick and his hatred of America and all those who wear the uniforms of those that defend us from both foreign enemies and domestic ones should think carefully about belief and sacrifice lest things go in a direction that they wouldn’t want. 😉

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NFL Protesters Off-Season

All The NFL Protesters Off-Season

Yes, as we go into the 2nd season of the certain sorts of NFL players’ childish and offensive pre-game kneeling, it’s good to remember that these jumped-up ghetto thugs are never seen “protesting” anything during the off-season. No, if they can’t garner attention by offending the majority-White audience with their flagrant disrespect for all things American, they’re not interested.

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BenchedPoor or Mis-performing Sorts End Up Benched

The celebrities of both Hollywood and the NFL thought that their opinions mattered, that those opinions trumped their performance of their jobs in what are service industries. They spoke their narrative, which they proclaim as Truth, to Power and Power – real power, the power of the People and the People’s purse – responded.

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