KJP's Danger Sense

KJP's Danger Sense
KJP’s Danger Sense

Like most creatures who are invested in being “oppressed” and profiteering off of their “Other” status, Karine Jean-Pierre – now most often referred to as KJP – has a well-developed danger sense. It’s just that KJP’s danger sense is very much predicated upon her own issues, biases, and allegiances.

Take as an example the danger KJP found in EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen’s quite pertinent question about the White House’s stance on the growing concerns among parents of female athletes who are now being forced to compete against biologically males in their sporting leagues.

“What would the president say to parents out there who have daughters, let’s say in high school, for example, who are worried that their daughter may have to compete against a male, a person born male and they could be a direct and physically athletic competition, and worry about their daughter’s safety,” he continued.

Jean-Pierre, who earlier called the issue “complicated,” then accused the reporter of characterizing transgender athletes as “dangerous.”

“What you’re alluding to is basically saying that transgender kids are dangerous… it sounds like that’s what you’re saying,” she retorted.

Jensen tried to push back against the assertion, interjecting, “I didn’t say that. This is strictly a safety question.”

“Well, you’re saying that their safety is at risk,” Jean-Pierre responded. “You’re laying out a kind of broad example or explanation of what could be potentially happening. That is dangerous. That is a dangerous thing to say that essentially transgender kids are dangerous.

“And so that’s something that I have to call out. That is irresponsible,” she continued. “I had just laid out how complicated this issue is. I had just laid out why it’s complicated, and so anything that you have any additional questions, I refer you to the Department of Education. I’m gonna move on.”

— Karine Jean-Pierre v. Owen Jensen

Now, note that Jensen’s question was both timely and very specific. It dealt with parents’ fears that their daughter might face injury if forced to compete against trannies in more physically confrontational sports – [sic]… direct and physically athletic competition. Yet, KJP found danger in just the questioning of whether trannies might present any form of danger in any athletic circumstances. Even a specific and reasonable question is, in what passes for her mind, is dangerous. And that is how her sort, the ever-aggrieved and professionally oppressed, operate. They find danger in anything that is not wholly supportive of what they want.

And KJP Is Stupid

And yeah, KJP’s response wasn’t just telling; it was stupid in the extreme – though, an expected extreme in her case. Jensen’s question was the perfect lead in – it might have even been a hand-out to her – for her to speak about how Biden and Co.’s woke, transphilic changes to Title IX allow colleges to make exceptions to the general government mandate which forces them to allow students to compete as whatever gender they currently claim to be in order to maintain fairness and/or safety of the athletes.

Talk about opportunity lost! But that’s par for the course whenever a hire is made based upon criteria other than competency. 🙄

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Mediocre Male Athletes

Mediocre Male Athletes
Mediocre Male Athletes Improving Their Standings

In these times, mediocre male athletes have ways of improving their standings in their sports, gaining approval for doing so, and raking in the cash from their new endorsement contracts. And the only cost is to the safety, fairness, and sanctity of women’s sports.

So, go for it, Bois and Gurls. Lack of ability is no longer necessarily a barrier. 😉 Hellfire! In these times, even if you’re not good enough to dominate in the Women’s leagues, you’ll be considered brave enough to still get those high-dollar endorsements.

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Beijing 2022 Winter Games

Beijing 2022 Winter Games

Just some apt art for China’s 2022 Winter Olympics – which should, perhaps, be referred to by the children of Man as the Laogai Games. Not, of course, that China’s behavior or the Olympic Commission’s acceptance of it is anything new or unexpected. They’ve had approximately 3,500 years of tyrannical oppression – by normative Western standards, with their Communist Revolution being only the latest change in Oppressor and Oppressed.

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Will They Allow Sports?

Will They Allow Sports?

With Spring and warmer weather being here – or near enough to see it in our minds – I’m forced to wonder the groaning sheeple of our ongoing zombie apocalypse will allow sports any time in the foreseeable future.

Personally, living near several fine city parks where various sporting activities have a long, beautiful history of amateur sporting, I’d miss such gatherings. After all, it’s not just young men whose fantasies turn toward sports – and the sporty babes involved – as the weather warms up. 😉

Of course, the above is either a rhetorical question or one thrown up to the God(s). It’s not as if herds can answer this.

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The New NFL

The New NFL – Woke And Flailing

Oh Yeah! Cue the Schadenfreude! The NFL – and the NBA and MLB – got “Woke” and are flailing about now, with plummeting ratings and merchandise sales, as America tunes them out for siding with the Blacks who are protesting and rioting against our nation.

The NFL’s ratings have been in steady decline since they failed to properly respond to Kaepernick’s antics in 2016, letting the rot spread throughout the Blacks that they hired. And it’s just getting worse for them as they double-down on their “Wokeness.”

Ah well, stupid should be painful, and sometimes that pain has to be lethal so that others can learn from it. And the NFL’s – and the other pro-sports leagues = are being mortally stupid. When, due to COVID-19 restrictions, your industry is looking at over $5 billion in lost revenuesa 38% hit to the league’s total revenue – the last thing you should want to do is further anger and alienate your customers by siding with the Blacks against America.

Hehe – as I said, cue the Schadenfreude. I find the prospect of a life without pro sports to be pleasant, especially since it would largely only harm the sorts that brought about their demise.

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