KJP's Danger Sense

KJP's Danger Sense
KJP’s Danger Sense

Like most creatures who are invested in being “oppressed” and profiteering off of their “Other” status, Karine Jean-Pierre – now most often referred to as KJP – has a well-developed danger sense. It’s just that KJP’s danger sense is very much predicated upon her own issues, biases, and allegiances.

Take as an example the danger KJP found in EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen’s quite pertinent question about the White House’s stance on the growing concerns among parents of female athletes who are now being forced to compete against biologically males in their sporting leagues.

“What would the president say to parents out there who have daughters, let’s say in high school, for example, who are worried that their daughter may have to compete against a male, a person born male and they could be a direct and physically athletic competition, and worry about their daughter’s safety,” he continued.

Jean-Pierre, who earlier called the issue “complicated,” then accused the reporter of characterizing transgender athletes as “dangerous.”

“What you’re alluding to is basically saying that transgender kids are dangerous… it sounds like that’s what you’re saying,” she retorted.

Jensen tried to push back against the assertion, interjecting, “I didn’t say that. This is strictly a safety question.”

“Well, you’re saying that their safety is at risk,” Jean-Pierre responded. “You’re laying out a kind of broad example or explanation of what could be potentially happening. That is dangerous. That is a dangerous thing to say that essentially transgender kids are dangerous.

“And so that’s something that I have to call out. That is irresponsible,” she continued. “I had just laid out how complicated this issue is. I had just laid out why it’s complicated, and so anything that you have any additional questions, I refer you to the Department of Education. I’m gonna move on.”

— Karine Jean-Pierre v. Owen Jensen

Now, note that Jensen’s question was both timely and very specific. It dealt with parents’ fears that their daughter might face injury if forced to compete against trannies in more physically confrontational sports – [sic]… direct and physically athletic competition. Yet, KJP found danger in just the questioning of whether trannies might present any form of danger in any athletic circumstances. Even a specific and reasonable question is, in what passes for her mind, is dangerous. And that is how her sort, the ever-aggrieved and professionally oppressed, operate. They find danger in anything that is not wholly supportive of what they want.

And KJP Is Stupid

And yeah, KJP’s response wasn’t just telling; it was stupid in the extreme – though, an expected extreme in her case. Jensen’s question was the perfect lead in – it might have even been a hand-out to her – for her to speak about how Biden and Co.’s woke, transphilic changes to Title IX allow colleges to make exceptions to the general government mandate which forces them to allow students to compete as whatever gender they currently claim to be in order to maintain fairness and/or safety of the athletes.

Talk about opportunity lost! But that’s par for the course whenever a hire is made based upon criteria other than competency. 🙄

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Biden's Rape Child

Biden's Rape Child
Biden’s Rape Child Can’t Be Found

Recently, Creepy Uncle Joe was ranting and railing to fellow Democrats a 10-year-old girl from Ohio who allegedly had to travel to a different state to get her rapist’s baby aborted.

This isn’t some imagined horror. It’s already happening. Just last week, it was reported that a 10-year-old girl was a rape victim in Ohio — 10 years old — and she was forced to have to travel out of the state, to Indiana, to seek to terminate the presnency [pregnancy] and maybe save her life. That’s — the last part is my judgment. Ten years old. Ten years old. Raped, six weeks pregnant. Already traumatized. Was forced to travel to another state. Imagine being that little girl. Just — I’m serious — just imagine being that little girl. Ten years old.

— Joe Biden

Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s Press Secretary, later went so far as to claim that Biden “spoke to that young woman just to show how extreme the decision on the Dobbs decision was and just how extreme it is now for American public, the American families when there is no exception at all.” Not, mind you, that anyone should have much confidence in her assertion.

Of course – and, like most things coming out of this attempt at an administration – the poor, little girl is nowhere in evidence, not even on paper. And, from what we can gather to-date, she also isn’t in any legal database despite both Ohio and Indiana being Mandatory Reporting States.

In point of fact, the only reference we have of this girl is a reporter in Indianapolis writing of an abortionist, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, in Indiana who supposedly claimed that an Ohio doctor called her hours after the Dobbs decision, claiming he had a six-weeks and three days pregnant 10 year-old and asking if she could help her.

The required confluence of implausibilities in this story are staggering, though not as staggering as the White House’s promulgation of it. A perfectly timed at three days past the de facto cut-off point under Ohio’s abortion laws pregnant preteen rape victim and no legal investigations or known reports in either Ohio or Indiana? Not likely. Not likely at all.

No, what probably happened was some Dem operative among the White House staff found the story in the IndyStar and fed it to Biden, knowing he’d get appropriately emotional over it as he read it off the teleprompter. But, in regards to Jean-Pierre’s statement, I’ve got nothing. Either she made it up out of whole cloth or was fed it by her superiors.

But then, these are Democrats, and facts aren’t what’s important to them.

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Just A Foreign Black Lesbian

Karine Jean-Pierre - Just A Foreign Black Lesbian
Karine Jean-Pierre – Just A Foreign Black Lesbian

According to even the strongly Left-biased Politico, reporters of all stripes are discontent with White House Press Secretary. Karine Jean-Pierre’s seemingly utter incompetence and inability or unwillingness to answer questions in anything resembling a coherent and substantive manner.

“At a certain point it wouldn’t surprise me if people started voting with their feet,” one White House reporter told POLITICO, predicting the lack of news from the briefings could result in waning attendance of reporters.

“She is so focused on not making a mistake that she doesn’t let herself speak freely,” another reporter said. “A lot of her responses end up becoming… it appears that she’s reading from a page.”

Frankly, I just don’t understand their apparent shock at this or their willingness to complain publicly about it. Jean-Pierre is just a mentally damaged, foreign, Black, lesbian. That is, insofar as the Biden Administration is concerned, all that she is. She’s a diversity hire, one that ticks almost all of the right boxes for their agenda. She’s just a token, exactly like Kamala Harris is. And, just like Harris, Jean-Pierre is largely left unsupported and largely unsupervised because her holding her position is what is important, not her being able to successfully fulfill the duties thereof.

In actual point of fact and in an act of total disrespect for her and the role she’s been placed in, simply because she’s just a token diversity hire, those who normally ensure that the Press Secretary is up to speed, may not trust her abilities enough to do their jobs.

And that, My Fellow Americans, is perfectly normal. Anyone who’s had to deal with diversity hires has learned to the need to- and how to work around them and mitigate the damage that they’ll do. So, the Press shouldn’t be shocked by Jean-Pierre’s performance at all.

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Jean-Pierre Being Herself

Jean-Pierre Being Herself
Jean-Pierre Being Herself

Biden’s latest Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre ticked so many boxes for Biden’s attempt at a regime. She’s a mentally damaged, Black, lesbian, foreigner with a solid history of promulgating propaganda for various Leftist cabals, e.g., MoveOn.org, NBC, and MSNBC. Sadly, however, none of that can ever trump actual competency. But then, Democrats these days almost always denigrate ability as being based upon America’s “lamentable and horrific” institutionally racist, heteronormative, ableist, patriarchy.

Then again, in Jean-Pierre’s defense, it would take a spin doctor and huckster of epic skills to give cogent and positive answers to questions about what comes out of Biden’s mouth.

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