What Women’s Sports Aren’t

What Women's Sports Aren't Is A Backup Option For Mediocre Male Althetes
What Women’s Sports Aren’t

Women’s sports, be they intramural, amateur, or professional, are a lot of things. What they aren’t though is a backup option for mediocre male athletes. That sort has exactly no place in or anywhere near women’s sports. The failed males need to be removed from women’s sports. And, if either the Democrats or these males refuse, they should have their capacity to participate removed by we, the People.

You will notice that we almost never hear about transmen in sports. This is because they’re even rarer than transgurls in sports, never seem to have or cause a problem, and are normally – if one can describe a normal with such a small sample size – perform with entirely forgettable and ignorable mediocrity or less, not being able in most sports to compete effectively against men.

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